4 Ways that Retreat Holidays Can Spice Up Your Love Life

Many of us think of a retreat as a personal escape, one in which we can disconnect from everyday worries and demands, on focus on aspects such as our physical fitness and mental and spiritual wellbeing. Yet for many travelers, a retreat is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and bond in a much more profound way, with their spouse or partner. These are a few good reasons to head for the seaside or mountains in exotic lands like Bali, Thailand or Spain, to take your relationship to all-new heights:

1. A retreat holiday offers a unique opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle alongside the one you love.

A yoga, surf or fitness camp getaway can be no less than transformational, since it can kickstart you into a healthier, more active lifestyle. However, when this transformation occurs alongside your partner, the victory is all the sweeter. Having fun in a new setting with your partner reminds you of the reasons you were first attracted to each other—whether this be their crazy sense of humour, devil-may-care attitude or wonderful conversational skills. The hustle and bustle of everyday life mean that we rarely get the time to rediscover one another or set aside time to bond and let the other person know how much they mean to us.

2. Retreat holidays fight the stress monster:

couples retreat (movie poster)One of the most oft-cited reasons in couples therapy for a lack of interest in lovemaking, is stress. When the body is overtaken by stress hormone, cortisol, it invokes the ‘fight of flight’ response and our mind is not where it should be for a true physical, mental and spiritual connection with our partner. Numerous studies have documented the powerful ability of exercise (especially when undertaken in the midst of Nature) to lower cortisol levels. Yoga in particular is a David against the stress-fed Goliath, and it is commonly used as a complementary therapy in top addiction rehabilitation centres in the world. This revered Eastern practice has been found to decrease stress as well as increase vitality and lower symptoms of depression in various groups, including those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Through controlled breathing and mindful meditation techniques, yogis learn the value of mindfulness and realize that they have the ability to control feelings sensations like stress and anxiety. In a more relaxed state, we are more receptive to enjoying a special moment with our partner. Particular yoga poses such as The Cobra, Forward Bend and Cat-Cow, can maximize enjoyment in the bedroom, since they encourage improved flexibility, circulation and strengthening of the pelvic area. Interestingly, studies involving both women and men have shown that regular yoga practice leads to greater sexual fulfillment. Participants in the studies reported significant improvements in a number of areas, including desire, arousal, and overall satisfaction.

To really hone in on obtaining deeper enjoyment from the sexual experience, tantra and sexuality retreats will enable you to discover the delicate and intricate relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Access the energy you never knew lay within you, alongside your partner.

3. Retreat holidays open the door to the wonders of Nature

Issues like global warming, forest devastation and the disappearance of countless ecosystems show that many of us have become divorced from Nature. Studies have shown that working in the presence of Nature and indeed simply walking through a forest, enables us to lower our stress levels and think clearer. Beautiful natural sites such as placid lakes, verdant mountain ranges or powdery beaches also bring out our romantic side and indeed, few things are quite as appealing to couples in love as sharing a swim, boat ride or walk through a lush forest in each other’s presence.

4. Retreat holidays afford long-term benefits

Whether you are toning up at a vigorous Boot Camp, working on your asanas together at a yoga retreat or discovering healing medicines during your Sacred Medicine Journey together, all the information you have gleaned will stand you in good stead for although your holiday will eventually end, your journey together will last a lifetime, bolstered by the lessons you have learned regarding the importance of approaching yourself and your loved one as a physical, mental and spiritual beings who need to feel loved and respected, not just during the initial stages of a relationship, but at all times.

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