About Us

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world at peace.

We believe that our world will be at peace when we reach a critical mass of people who are at peace with themselves. We therefore chose our mission to be promoting places & events around the world that elevate the body, mind & spirit.

Our goal is to reach the mainstream and provide meaningful alternatives to vacations and other getaways now offered by the travel and hospitality industry.
 We aim to exponentially increase the number of people who consciously and intentionally seek a vacation or a getaway that elevate their body, mind & spirit, while at the same time create channels through which money can flow to Healers and Lightworkers and support their work.

Leveraging our experience as business owners and entrepreneurs, we harness cutting-edge technology and marketing techniques to promote and market retreats, transformational festivals, conferences, workshops and other transformational getaways. We partner with retreat owners, conscious event producers, teachers and wisdom keepers from all over the world, and together we empower people to take the next step on their path of healing, personal development and spiritual growth.