How To Add Your Event Into Our Booking System & Get 10 Times More Visitors

When you enable booking through, we will actively promote your event or program through paid advertising and our social networks.

Events that book through us, get 10 times more visitors, and we assume all the risk, because we only make money when you make money!

The business model is simple:

  1. Listing an event in our booking system is free
  2. Listing price on is 10% lower than the published price of the event
  3. charges a 10% deposit and keeps it as a commission
  4. The balance is due before or during checkin

We are adding more functionality and more flexibility to the booking system every week, so if you’d like to adjust this model, or have special requests, please contact us.

If your event is already in the system, adding it into our booking is simple:

Step 1

Visit your Dashboard by clicking on the “My Dashboard” link at the top left. Then click “Edit” next to the event for which you’d like enable booking.

Step 2

Scroll down to the “Ticket Information” section, then select the first options that says: “I want to sell tickets on Retreat Network”

Enable booking on

Select the first option to enable booking

Step 3

Fill out the ticket information. If you have more than one ticket type, click on the green + sign to add more.

step 3

Fill out the ticket information

If you have any additional information, questions or requests, fill out the textbox below.

Step 4

Submit your changes by clicking on the “Submit Event” button at the bottom of the page.

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