Allow Love In: Interview with Nat Couropmitree

Nat CouropmitreeNat Couropmitree is an Intuitive Coach, Energy Worker, Author and Speaker.

He specializes in supporting energetically sensitive individuals to partner with love so that they can finally relax, feel secure, loved, valued and empowered as themselves.

In his upcoming retreat, Nurtured by Love Weekend Retreat, Nat and his colleague Matt O’Grady will combine energy work with practical tools and exercises to help individuals expand their capacity to feel profoundly loved and release old limiting stories around needing to earn and struggle to be loved.

Nat is always inspired by people’s stories and thus hosts the Allow Love In podcast which features personal stories about how self-love transforms lives.

Here’s a recent interview with Nat:

Q: Can you tell me a little about your personal background?

From an early age, I never felt like I fit in or belonged. I was different. Kids used to make fun of me by pulling the corners of their eyes up or by making sounds that mimicked the Chinese language. My parents had high expectations for me and never seemed to be satisfied with my accomplishments. I grew up feeling like I was not enough and not safe to be me. I spent a large portion of my life trying either to prove my worthiness or trying to hide myself out of fear that people would find out that I was indeed not enough. The pain that comes from these experiences drove me to find a new way. Years of personal development and spiritual empowerment helped me discover that I was not broken and that there was nothing wrong with me. Instead, I discovered that the inner-peace, love and strength I so desired were in me all along. Always one to share what I know, I started my first healing business around 1999. It has evolved over the years, as I evolved, to become the coaching/energy-work business it is now.

Q: What is your vision and why?

I imagine a day when everyone feels profoundly loved and accepted for who-they-are. I want people to know that they are already worthy of love and that they are their own resource of Love. This is so important to me because I had struggled so much with feeling accepted and trying to get love from others. My life experience became so much more fulfilling when I started to access my inner source of love and acknowledge that that I am a vital piece in the Universe’s big puzzle.

Q: Can you share a breakdown you’ve experienced?

I was working for a small start-up company and was working long hours. I was often one of the first ones into the office and one of the last ones to leave. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well and succeed financially. I also hoped that if I put in the extra effort, I would be valued more and thus paid more. Unfortunately (… or fortunately), I got sick. At first, I mostly had regular cold flu symptoms but it lasted several weeks. Later I started getting chronic headaches. It was not fun. I did what I could to alleviate the symptoms and pushed on with work. Then one day I was called into the office and they fired me. I don’t remember the reason why. I only remember how devastated and humiliated I felt. I had worked so hard and made this job my highest priority. How could they let me go? I strived so hard to do well. It was not supposed to happen this way. This experience, on some level, affirmed that I was not enough.

Nurtured by Love Weekend RetreatQ: What breakthrough have you experienced as a result of this breakdown?

That experience broke me but also changed my life for the better. With more free time and support from unemployment checks, I dove into spiritual development. I wanted answers. I discovered an organization that taught me about chi energy. Until then, I had only read about it. But through this organization, I felt it in the very first class. I learned that we could direct our body’s energy and that our thoughts affect our energy. I learned how to be more comfortable in my own body and experience deep inner-peace despite painful circumstances. I also learned a lot about the importance of self-love and self-kindness. I am grateful to have discovered this organization when I did. I really expanded my awareness and empowerment around what was possible in my life. It’s hard to say whether I would have discovered this level of transformation had I not gone through the experience of getting fired. Perhaps, I would have just continued working my life away. But I do realize that everything happens for a reason. What I learned through that organization helped inspire me to launch my coaching business.

Q: What do you do for a living?

Through my coaching business, I support highly sensitive and empathic individuals to create profound partnerships with Divine Love so that they can feel safe and confident to receive what they most desire. I also support my wife part-time at her Arthur Murray Dance Studio business. I have just launched my retreat business as well, and my first retreat is coming up in June.

It’s a weekend retreat called “Nurtured by Love Retreat“, and focused on discovering a new way to support yourself first with love and be spiritually recharged so you can make an even greater difference in the world. The retreat will take place at the beautiful Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Massachusetts, where attendees will be immersed in a safe, relaxed, non judgmental environment of ‘Love’.

To learn more about the retreat and book online, click here >>

Early bird price available.

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