Alinea Smaragda


I come from the island Crete, from the beautiful city of Rethymno. I am an alternarive therapist, Salt-Healer, Energy Feng Shui Conslultand, i write articles and do spiritual painting. Alao i am organizator and coordinator in Golden Age Seminars Organization


7 years ago, through a “random” event, I stumbled on the area of energy therapies and since then my life has continued to move in this direction. Through personal experience I’ve noticed that my personal progression and healing passed very quickly to another level. I began to realize my light, my qualities and my unique talents and this new state of being gradually re-established peace within me. I organise personal development seminars, because I believe that helping people in this way can transform a person’s life. The energy seminars which I also am involved in, are the most direct way for people to see the light of their soul. I think that people have lost the peace within themselves because they’ve lost contact with this light, their own light-identity. However the times we live in require us now, more than ever before, to create authenticity and truth, our peace, and this can only be done if we are willing to restore this connection.

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11 May 2017 - 21 May 2017

The Salt of the Eath- Crete/Heraklion – New Leadership

From 2114 USD


11 May 2017 To 21 May 2017

5:01 am To 5:01 am

Salt -Healer training and ashtanga yoga retrea, hiking to Mount Yiouchtas, excursion to power places for energy work and small holidays in Crete!
Special Offer
11 Nov 2017 - 19 Nov 2017

The Salt of the Earth- Mission Peace on Earth -Dead Sea (10% off)

From 2778 USD

Madaba Governorate, Jordan

11 Nov 2017 To 19 Nov 2017

5:01 am To 5:01 am

New Leadership – Spiritual Retreat -Healer Training "The Salt of the Earth" Jordan - Dead Sea - Israel ​Wellness - Relaxation - Sightseeing
Special Offer
1 Jul 2017 - 7 Jul 2017

Aphrodite's Call Women Retreat (10% off)

From 1646 USD

Chr. Papanikopoulos str, P.O.Box 66162, Polis 8831, Cyprus

1 Jul 2017 To 7 Jul 2017

5:01 am To 5:01 am

Spend 5 days with reconnection to your female roots & your female power, energy work, excursio to Aphrodite's Baths, fire rituals, rising the innery beauty.
24 Sep 2016 - 5 Oct 2016

The Healing School of Salica

From 1922 USD


24 Sep 2016 To 5 Oct 2016

5:01 am To 5:01 am

The Healing School of Salica is a spiritual training and a complete healing system based on the sacred Knowledge of Light-Salts.
22 Apr 2016 - 3 May 2016

The Salt of the Earth, Retreat on Crete-Heraklion (15% off)

From 2759 USD


22 Apr 2016 To 3 May 2016

5:01 am To 5:01 am

An International training for Salt-Healers, with daily ashtanga yoga practise, visit in high importance archaeological sites and holidays in Crete-Heraklion