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Want to Spend Less Time and Money on Marketing and Technology, Focus on Sharing Your Gifts and Being of Service to Those That Seek Healing and Transformation, Reach More Clients, and Make More Money???

If so, you’re exactly at the right place!

We’ve created the platform to promote places and events that elevate the body, mind and spirit, and make them accessible to mainstream audiences around the world.

Like you, we believe that true transformation begins from inside, and by elevating our bodies, minds and spirits, we make better choices that elevate the people, places and situations around us.

melissaRetreat Network is the ultimate comprehensive site for conscious and progressive people who seek to engage in more than just a vacation. They present options that are inspiring, transformative, uplifting and fun for mind, body, heart, and soul. Retreat Network connects a vibrant community of people who care about themselves and the world. Thank you for this place of light and learning!
Melissa Green, MS, MA
Director, Dragonfly Healing Center SF Bay Area

You’re invited to partner with us!

Our team has many years of experience marketing retreats online, and we are here to be of service, so that you can focus on what you’re passionate about – facilitating healing and transformation for your clients!

When you join our booking program, we will do all the work for you, risk-free, and you can reduce or eliminate the time and money you’re wasting trying to do it yourself.

Abram's CreekOne of the most user friendly sites I’ve seen! I especially love the way Presenters have their own section – it looks very professional. The amount of information we can post for free is very exciting to us!”
Ella Schwartz,
Abrams Creek

How It Works

  1. We require that booking via is offered at a 10% discount below your published price.
  2. When somebody books through our site, we charge them 10% deposit, which we keep as our commission.
  3. Both you and the customer get an email notification with the booking information, further instructions and the balance due.
  4. The balance is paid directly to you online or during check in.

For example: If your retreat is $1,000, we’ll offer it on our site at $900, and charge the user a deposit of $90 during checkout to secure their reservation. The balance of $810 will be paid directly to you before or during checkin.

* These terms are negotiable and we would love to work with you and create a win-win scenario for all to benefit. If you have other ideas – we’d love to hear them.

Sivananda BahamasBy far the easiest and simplest website of its kind!”
Bhavani (Dawn Masich),
Sivananda Bahamas

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Why Sell Through Us

Paid Advertising

We will actively promote your retreats via paid channels such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads at no cost to you!

Un-Paid Promotion

We will actively promote your retreats via un-paid marketing channels such as social networks and cross-promotion with large online communities and mailing lists who are aligned with our vision.

Huge Exposure to Like Minded People

We are planning to reach hundreds of thousands of potential attendees for your retreats. Unlike generic sites like and TripAdvisor, our audience is aligned with our vision and looking specifically for what you’re offering.

Zero Risk

We assume all the risk – there are no up-front costs to you, and we will work on a commission base and get paid only when you make money. There is no long-term commitment and we’re only looking for win-win scenarios. If it doesn’t work – you can opt-out any time.

It’s Your Client

You are already marketing to your existing clients. We bring you new clients, and you have the opportunity to turn this first-time client into a satisfied client for life.

Listing Optimization

We will fine-tune your listing on to make it user-friendly, SEO friendly and optimized for conversion.

I’m really impressed with the platform you built. It’s by far the best app I’ve experienced in this space!”
Gerard Garramone,
The Raw Food Institute

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