Creating a WEALTHY Life

Article contributed by Shannon Formica, creator of the Build & Balance Ladies Retreat.

One of the lifelong (dare I say world long) struggles with humans is understanding and/or finding our life purpose. We, as people, lay awake at night trying to decipher what the hell we are here for. We look to prayer, our pastors, the bible, society, each other- yet we still continuously ruminate, worry and fret.

I believe, one of our main purposes in life, is to find wealth.

Yes, wealth.

But not in the form of dollars and cents (or Euro’s, Peso’s, Franc’s..etc). Please don’t misunderstand- I enjoy making money, and spending it. For sure. But that is not our true purpose. In my humble opinion. The kind of wealth I am speaking of- is in a much different format.

Wealth of health

A good friend of mine recently told me a story. Her client (she is an incredible realtor) just sold two of his houses (he has several) and he owed no money on them, so he made quite a bit of profit on each. However, he didn’t seem pleased. My friend asked if everything was ok (worried he wasn’t happy with her services perhaps) as he had also been very reserved through the process of finalizing the paperwork and closing. He sighed, turned to her and said, “Please..never wish or pray for money. Pray for health.” and left her standing in the office. She learned that his wife had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Here, they had worked so hard to build a fortune together, to retire and travel and share the rewards, and when they felt they finally reached a good place financially, were now going to spend the money to pay for trial testing, medicines, trips around the world to see doctors, and any and everything to try to extend the wife’s life, even if by days. The millions they had worked for, were now being spent on one of the most expensive, yet free things we own- our health.

Wealth of attitude

One of the most important aspects of life my husband and I talk about, is our one controllable thing in an uncontrollable world- our attitude. Our perspective. This is a daily, if not hourly discipline. And it can be wiped out in a millisecond. A car cuts you off and you swerve or slam on the brakes to avoid a collision. You can; 1- curse, wave a special finger and let your racing heart and evil thoughts of revenge sweep you away. Or you can; 2- send a silent prayer of thanks for not colliding, take a deep breath and hope that whatever hurry that person is in, that they make it ok. Which is more fulfilling? Before you answer number 1- let’s assume that person in the car is your mother, your child, your spouse and they just cut someone else off. Maybe accidentally. Maybe they didn’t truly see (or pay attention- yes that does happen, to all of us). Maybe there is a true emergency. Maybe. Maybe. But, ultimately, we get to decide how to let this person’s actions, thoughts, desires, affect us. Do we want to carry negative energy and emotions with us? The answer should be no. We don’t. Choose the attitude that will result in positive energy, which will then result in positive occurrences in your life. What we focus on, what we think about- we bring about.

Wealth of inner peace

Build & Balance Ladies RetreatWhat you do, what you have, who you are- is determined by what you think about inside your mind and feel inside your heart. No matter how much currency is in your bank account, how many cars you own, what zip code you live in or what fantastic career you have- you will not have true wealth without peace and joy in your heart. When we approach all things in life- our careers, our marriages, our relationships- with joy and love- we will absolutely experience wealth. Significant, abundant wealth.

Wealth of service

I am pretty selfish. No doubt about it. I pray and meditate on my selfishness all the time. I am a selfish parent, a selfish friend, a selfish spouse. Some of my friends reading this might right away say, “Are you kidding!? No you are not!”. Yes, yes I am. Because you see, even when I serve others, which I 100% love to do, it serves a selfish purpose. It makes ME feel good. I love working at church. I love donating (both my time and money). I love helping friends. I love seeing my kids grow and develop. I love helping my husband in his business. I love it all. But I fear I love it because of the joy it brings me, more than because it brings others joy. The good news? It is still serving. It is still oh so good to do. AND, it feels good (for us selfish people). So here is my challenge to you- serve others. Serve in any capacity you can. The truth is- it will bring you so much wealth and joy, much more than you will ever be able to give to others.

Wealth of influence

Who is your best friend? The one you confide in. Do they uplift you? Do they have an unshakable positive regard for life? Who are the people you call to get advice? Do they uplift you? Do they have an unshakable positive regard for life? Who do you spend time with outside of your immediate family? What kind of decisions do they make? What kind of life do they lead? Do they have joy? Serve others? Have inner peace? So here’s the thing…who you surround yourself with, you become like. This is 100% true. If you surround yourself with gossips, negative nay sayers, unmotivated, depressed people…well…you get the idea. I am not insinuating that your best friend, or confidant will not have an off day- that is your opportunity to uplift, but just take a few moments and analyze the people you share the gift of your time with. Think hard. Are they people you want to be like?

How is your wealth? Where is your focus, your energy directed to? One powerful way we can help ourselves in each of these areas is in our yoga practice- getting on the mat, each and every day. Yoga provides so many benefits from physical to mental to the world. Don’t skip it, don’t short change yourself, or others, of the wealth you can obtain from your yoga mat.

About the Author

Shannon Jamail is a mother of four, business owner and yoga & meditation instructor as well as mental health counselor. Shannon believes in the benefits of applying oneself fully in all one does and carries this passion with her when working with clients and on her ladies retreats around the country. More information can be found at:

Shannon is offering the Build & Balance Ladies Retreat in California and in Texas.

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