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Maestra Hilda Rojas

Hilda Rojas is a Shipibo woman healer coming from a family generation of Shamans, as a child she learned the secrets of medicinal plants, which was perfected in her adult life making learning diets.

Hilda Rojas, is 40 years old, She was born in the Shipibo community "Paoyhan" in the Ucayali river, She studied pedagogy at the Scientific University of Peru where She graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Education. Their ancestral origins and the link of the healing work with her parents were so strong that She left her profession to be a healer; She learned dieting different master plants, spent the last 10 years curing people with her parents and researching the benefits of medicinal plants on human health. She assumed a personal commitment to improve the lives of all people so that people have more health and happiness.

Hilda is happy to be a healer woman and makes available all her knowledge of Shipibo medicine to help people. . See more photos and other events by this presenter