100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course (basic level) (10% off)

When: 15 Jan 2015 - 28 Jan 2015 (Thu - Wed, 13 nights)
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The School Of Ancient Wisdom - Bangalore

The School of Ancient Wisdom is doorway to Transformation and enlightened living. Commune with nature, celebrate life, witness the vibrant Dance of the Cosmos and Listen To The Song of Life in peaceful and tranquil abode of the Devas. Experience the
This paradise set amidst the beauty and tranquility of Devanahalli
the place of the Devas(Angels) facing the age old majestic Nandi Hills, nestled away some 32kms from Bangalore city, has
multi - faceted activities and facilities to further enhance an unforgettable spiritual experience.

Resident students are provided the following : Accommodation (Room Sharing), Morning Tea / Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner.
Non-resident students are provided the following:
Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea / Coffee.

Special note: No consumption of non-veg food, Alcohol beverages, drugs or smoking on the School Campus. All meals are strictly vegetarian.
(Age of students no bar - young or old)

The School is devoted to the spread of Occult Truth and the development of higher virtues, as an understanding of these would enable the aspirants to reach up to the Divine. The curriculum would guide aspirants to understand their true identity - the divine within, to experience the joy and beauty of all life around them - to experience the sheer bliss and ecstasy of just "being" and of seeing the interconnectedness between themselves, nature and the universe. The courses given out by the School would be particularly beneficial to those who are sincere seekers, as the approach to the teachings would be such that it can transform the desire for a personal quest, to go beyond the mere longing for outer knowledge to seek the wisdom within.

The subjects among others, would include the Constitution of the Cosmos, the Universe and the Human Kingdom; the Universal Laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect; the Mysteries of Life and Death; Thought Power; its action and use; Involution and Evolution and the Divine Plan; the Occult Hierarchy which governs the Inner World and the Path to perfection.

Courses which are directed towards Transformation of participants emphasize Control over the Physical Body; Breath Control, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra; Mind Control through Meditation and Music; Devotion to High Ideals and Services; Fellowship and

In an attempt to bring Spirituality into the Corporate world, principle-based Leadership Courses; Workshops to improve Relationships at home and in the work-environment and Courses
in Management of Life and Livelihood are held periodically.
The courses, whether given in the form of lectures, symposia or workshops are supported by audio-visual and multimedia presentations. As the school develops, the study courses will increase to meet the requirements of a growing response, as more serious seekers may want more advanced programmes suited for their level and rate of spiritual growth.

The school also provides a good reference Library to facilitate advanced and deeper self-study.

The other facilities that the center offers to further enhance your unforgettable Spiritual experiences at our center are:-

1. A Bookshop, with books on various Spiritual Subjects.
2. Ample spots and grounds for individual and group meditation and yoga activities.
3. Library and reading room.
4. All accommodation with modern amenities.
5. Beautiful country-side for morning and evening walks.
6. One-to-one consultation with our in-house Ayurvedic doctor at
our Research Centre for Integrated Therapy located within our campus grounds.
7. Kerala rejuvenation Oil-massage.
8. Other therapies available a) Music therapy b) Reflexology
c) Colour and Chakra therapy.

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Krishna Raja

Kirshna Raja-Certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, hailing from a family of traditional Yoga practitioners in South India.He learned Yoga techniques at the age of 8 from his uncle who was a yoga teacher and regular Yoga practitioner at Ramakrishna Mission and Vivekananda Ashram where they teach authentic traditional Yoga techniques.

After graduating from the Institute of Marketing U.K. he spent nearly 25 years as a Marketing professional, working in India and abroad going through the stress and strain common to all marketing professionals.

Later in his life he realized the importance of traditional Yoga which provides the suitable solution for all the modern life style related health and social problems. He joined SVYASA Yoga University,(SVYASA-Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) in Bangalore and became a Certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist. He also underwent various Yoga Therapy Training programs at the University which has a 250 bedded Yoga hospital within the campus.He was also a member of the Yoga Therapist Team of the SVYASA for one year for the "STOP DIABETES THROUGH YOGA" project of the University to teach Yoga Therapy techniques to prevent and manage Diabetes through Yoga.
Later he joined "The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center" - Headquarters in Canada - founded by Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda from South India.Now it is an International organization with Yoga Ashrams and Yoga centers in more than 30 countries offering Authentic Hatha Yoga teachings.

Krishna Raja underwent and completed successfully the "Teachers Training Program" and "Advanced Teachers Training Programs" in Sivanda Ashrams. These Courses Certifications are recognized by the YOGA ALLIANCE 200 Hour and 500 Hour level in USA and CANADA.

Krishna Raja is the founder of "YOGAWAY" - Yoga training center in Bangalore, India, along with his wife , who is also a certified Yoga teacher.-www.yogawayindia.com .

He has been teaching Holistic, Integrated Authentic Yoga to Individuals, Foreign Tourists, Corporates and Institutions.He also visits abroad and teach Yoga in many countries.

He has participated in International Yoga Conferences in India and Abroad. He was awarded "YOGA SIROMANI" - "TEACHER OF YOGA" and "YOGA ACHARYA"-"MASTER OF YOGA" titles from The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center.

Krishna Raja has been teaching Yoga for many years and his teachings are based on Holistic Integrated approach coupled with modern medical and scientific explanations adhered by Dr.Nagendra-Former Scientist of NASA(U.S.A) and Dr.Nagarathna, M.D.,FRCP(Edinburgh) founders of SVYASA Yoga University, Swami Sivananda(He was a Medical Doctor and later a world renowned Sage) and Swami vishnu Devananda- close disciple of Swami Sivananda.

To Compliment his teaching in yoga, he has studied "Foot Reflexology" and successfully completed the training program with the world famous WATPO THAI Therapy school in Bangkok, Thailand and Ayurveda Body Massage from Kerala, India.

Now his main aim is to introduce the "YOGAWAY OF LIFE" to many people as possible all over the world by teaching Intergrated Holistic Yoga.

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Kay Kavitha

Kay Kavitha has been a traveling yogi and a hatha yoga teacher for the past 2 years, sharing her teachings and experiences with aspirants all around the world.

Born and raised in the heart of New York City, USA she started her practice 7 years ago. There was something about yoga that kept bringing her back on her mat. It was a place where she always found peace and tranquility regardless of what was happening in her life. For a few years, she continued practicing with master teachers while working in the corporate world.

After studying in yoga schools in the West, Kay left her career to begin her journey in the East to deepen her understanding in yoga and meditation. At the same time, she had a mission to serve, love, and give back to the people and communities in Asia. She spent all her time volunteering in ashrams, temples, monasteries, orphanages, and animal camps in Thailand, India, Vietnam, China and other countries. Wherever she traveled to, she taught yoga to those whom she met along the way.

A big part of Kay's teachings comes from the year she spent volunteering full time in yoga ashrams under a Gurukula system. For a whole year, she followed a strict and disciplined yogic lifestyle in the ashrams where she selflessly taught yoga and assisted for teacher trainings. Not only did that deepen her knowledge in traditional hatha yoga, but it also helped her develop unconditional love, patience, and compassion for her students.

Kay has completed trainings from various schools including Sivananda International Vedanta Center ( TTC & Adv. TTC ) , Dharma, Kripalu, Andiappan, Anti-Gravity and Universal Yoga.

These courses strengthened her knowledge in teaching a wide array of yoga styles to practitioners of all levels. To complement her teachings in Yoga, Kay studied Thai Yoga Massage and has completed over 300+ hours of training with Lotus Palm in Canada and Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in Thailand. Aside from Yoga, she has also taken intensive courses in Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, and Ayurveda. Kay brings a holistic approach in her teachings by using healing, therapeutic, and breathing techniques to suit the needs of her students.

"Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way." This beautiful quote by Swami Vishnudevananda deeply resonates with Kay. Through her worldly experiences, she sees how Yoga can benefit everyone by improving the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of each individual.

With much love and joy, she safely instructs her students to flow mindfully through her inspirational classes, bringing their body mind and soul in balance. Kay is forever grateful for all the teachers who have planted seeds of wisdom in her and for all the angels who have guided her to where she is today. She truly believes that her life's work and greatest passion is to share the gift of Yoga to all. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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