14 Days Sacred Mythic Journey Yoga Retreat in Mexico (11% off)

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Marc Shackman (Kumooja Banyan Tree)

Marc, also known as Kumooja Banyan Tree, is the co-founder of Sacred Mythic Journeys and cosmic journey guide. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Building Engineering from Loughborough University, England in 2002 and worked for various global construction projects for over four years. Then, after embracing and finally having the courage to follow his heart early on in life, feeling strongly that there was something more than meets the eye to the world around him, and trusting his curiosity to explore this strange feeling and mystery inside of him more deeply, he took the giant leap of faith into the unknown for himself and hasn’t looked back since.

Sixteen years later after working and traveling in some very remote parts of the planet such as Tibet, Nepal, China, Tanzania, Thailand, Fiji, El Salvador, Venezuela, Honduras, and Brazil as a scuba diving instructor, coral reef conservation project expedition leader, and keen surfer, skydiver and snowboarder, Marc realized truly with much more clarity where his life had been leading him all this time and what it had been preparing him for.

In September 2014, Marc was called to leave Central and South America, more specifically Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia, that had been his main bases for over seven years, and begin his new cycle of life in Hawai’i and the United States. This he felt would accompany his love for the ocean and 15 years of very ungrounded informal training in the field of the human psyche and spirituality perfectly, and so to balance himself out more evenly between the worlds and in a much more grounded way by the end of 2016 was his goal.

Marc’s multiple near-deaths in his 20s in his shamanic vision quests and world travel adventures, catalyzed his visionary gifts as well as his desire to live life to the fullest. Since then, he has been driven by his heart and passion to inspire people, create a stable family home, find the secrets to true happiness, and to help people create better lives and a better world for themselves and for each other. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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14 Day Sacred Mythic Journey Mexico
14 Days Sacred Mythic Journey Yoga Retreat in Mexico
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