200h Yoga Teacher Training Himalayas, India (10% off)

When: 1 Oct 2015 - 26 Oct 2015 (Thu - Mon, 25 nights)
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Kullu Valley Ashram

Our yoga ashram in Kullu Valley is a beautiful villa in the idyllic village Ropa, where the villagers, the animals and indigenous plants live together peacefully and harmoniously. We offer shared and double accommodation. The village is situated in a lovely self-contained valley away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by pine-studded mountains offering views of enchanting sunrises. Countless creeks and waterfalls are meandering through the village and it is a special delight to drink the refreshingly pure water from the mountain spring.

The villagers mostly live in traditional Himalayan cottages along with their cows and other domestic animals. They are warm-hearted and welcoming hosts helping out with some of our ashram chores.

Guest rooms are spacious with large windows offering plenty of light and fresh air. Asana classes will be taught on the roof terrace with a view of the surrounding Himalayan peaks or indoors in one of the two yoga and meditation halls.

The ashram kitchen provides carefully prepared lacto-vegetarian meals twice daily, which are moderately spiced, prepared by the local chef and his crew.
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Acharya Ganga Devi

In all gentleness I am a spiritual warrior and I believe in following my heart and intuition. I respect tradition, but I am vigilant to skirt dogma and allow the spirit to blaze its own trail. The Divine must be found in one’s heart and for this to happen the mind and body have to open and become laboratories of enlightenment. I believe in accelerating our own evolution and I believe in the practices which can help us achieve that. When we truly commit to accelerate our own evolution the whole universe conspires to make it happen. I am here to serve the spirit and those who want to dedicate themselves to the awakening of their spirituality. I take yoga practice one step further and approach it in the way it was originally intended – to open our minds and hearts to great joy and bliss, our essential nature. And to this end I am ready to tread paths which may be unorthodox, but revealing consciousness in an ever expanding motion. I am true to myself and my teachers, I am true to my path and spirituality. The endeavour to realize who I am is the focal point of my life. I am here to realize God and help others realize and to this end I use the practices which have been passed on to me by my teachers whom I deeply love and revere.

About Ganga Devi:

Ganga Devi is a spiritual teacher and also the founder/director of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over two and a half decades. She discovered the practices while writing her final thesis at university and preparing for a career as an interpreter and a high school professor of German language and literature. Her life was to take a different direction after she came in touch with the ancient yogic science.

After receiving initiation into the spiritual path of yogic meditation, she decided to spend time in India and deepen her practice. There she discovered that Indian Classical Dance and Music is a complementary pursuit and actually a yoga in itself. Her background in various other styles of dance, ballet and contemporary styles, have provided a vast background and strong basis to embark on the path of two parallel careers: that of a yoga and meditation instructor as well as a performing dance artist. While in India she devoted herself to the in depth study of a variety of subjects, including Eastern metaphysics, philosophy, Sanskrit, several living Indian languages, vocal music, percussion, the art of abhinaya (mimic or expressive dance), Indian classical dance and yoga.

Today she devotes her time to serious seekers and also teaches yoga for beginners, to people who want to learn more about the time-tested practice of yoga. She has worked as the director of a yoga centre in Northern California, USA, for five years and has taught yoga to youth, adults and children and has engaged in community service as well, teaching yoga to inmates, university students and at various health and women's centres. For 7 years she led the life of formal renunciation or sannyas, as a yogic nun. She has furthermore taught classes, workshops and seminars on yoga, diet and lifestyle in India, Germany, Croatia and the UK. She is a senior yoga instructor of the highest level registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and is the principal teacher of the Himalayan Yoga Institute.

She adapts the style of yoga (Hatha, Dynamic Vinyasa, Restorative, Sivananda, Tantra Yoga) to individual needs and offers services as a life coach as well, offering life and spiritual coaching sessions.

Ganga Devi has been sharing her wealth of knowledge on teacher training courses for many years, guiding yoga students who desire to take the next step and assisiting them in becoming well-rounded, competent, knowledgable, intuitive and confident yoga teachers themselves. She also organises yoga retreat vacations, in beautiful, natural settings, in India, Croatia, France and the UK providing opportunities to regenerate and immerse oneself in the life-transforming practices of yoga and meditation. At present she lives in London, where she teaches Yoga, Meditation and Indian Classical Dance.

She is very well respected and sought after as a teacher and and has developed a unique style of teaching which is a result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained throughout many years of practice and teaching yoga to a variety of people with different needs and levels of ability.

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