3 Days Tantra for Couples in Mallorca, Spain

When: 25 Sep 2015 - 27 Sep 2015 (Fri - Sun, 2 nights)
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Casa Iemanja

Casa Iemanja is an ideal space for individuals who wish to develop activities that will help them to improve their physical, mental or spiritual health.

We believe that creating the right space to discover yourself and potentiate and train your awareness of yourself is essential. Whether techniques such as Yoga, Thai chi, etc.,, or any type of therapy or education that has to do with the physical, mental or spiritual, we believe that the space in which to develop these activities is essential.

Casa Iemanja is situated in the interior of Mallorca in front of a beautiful pond and surrounded by nature and fruit trees. It is one of those spaces that has a very special atmosphere. Everything here takes place at a slow pace. The light, water, tranquility and excellent treatment are available to provide you with the right climate for self-realisation..

We aspire to look after this space and alter it as little as possible maintaining the same simplicity, calm and warmth that already exists. We wish to ensure our visitors capture the same spirit of well-being that we feel ourselves.. See more events in this venue
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Bali Anurag

He was iniciated by Osho in 1985 who gave him the name Sw. Anurag Bali.

During those early years he was formed and gave sessions and courses in different areas of Massage, Deep Tissue Work, Antigym and Bodywork. He studied Vibrational Healing with Flower Essences and Dowsing.

He lived in the Osho Ashram in Pune, India during 1989-1994 and 2004-2007, where he trained in different therapeutic and meditative areas. There he conducted trainings in Hypnosis, Dehypnoterapy, Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Energy Healing, Meditation Counselor, Colorpuncture, Meditative Therapies (Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again) and many others, coordinating groups and sessions and active Osho Meditations and Vipassana retreats. He also participated in the Music Group playing live music for satsangs Osho Sannyas initiations and active meditations.
During 1987-1990 he developed the system Amrita Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs in Argentina and Spain, writing a book about the practical use on the system. Co-organized several conferences and was part of many Flower Essence congresses introducing the system to the world.

He did his Master NLP training in the Gestalt Center in Barcelona.
He studied the Colorpuncture system created by German physician Peter Mandel in the Mandel Center in Barcelona with Robert Borrebach during 1995-97, developing his private practice for 10 years in Mallorca, Spain.

In 1990 he developed the Conscious Deprogramming system, a synthesis of different approaches in the field of hypnosis, binaural relaxation and different methods of integration and healing of subconscious blockages. Produced and performed a series of CDs in this discipline.

He coordinated groups and sessions in Tantra, Meditation, DPC, Channeling, Past Life Therapy, Flower Essences, Vibrational Healing, Hypnosis, etc. in different cities in Europe and South America since 1989.

Performed groups of Stress Reduction for entrepreneurs in Mallorca, Barcelona and Madrid.

He currently applies all his teachings in Meditation, Tantra and different therapeutic approaches. Also practices coaching for individuals, couples and groups using all these tools and different techniques aimed at the awakening to consciousness.

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