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Agama Yoga Thailand

Agama is a true spiritual university whose core principles are centered in bringing the authentic roots of yoga to life through courses, workshops, and retreats, at campuses around the world. Agama is the premier destination for individuals who wish to deepen into a complete yoga practice. 

The headquarter of Agama is located on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. We welcome all those interested in entering the paradise of spiritual adventure. Engage in the ultimate quest for the truth while enjoying all the magic of a tropical lifestyle.

It's all here. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, esoteric Yogic topics,  weekly satsangs,  bhajans, morning meditations, behind-the-scenes of Agama’s courses, workshops, retreats, and extracurricular events, Evolution Yogi Cafe, daily life as a student at Agama. 


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Swami Vivekananda Saraswati

Born in 1962, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati is the brilliant exponent of a unique and modern trend of thinking in Yoga.

Educated as an electrical engineer, he is a passionate and dedicated teacher of the true, ancient lines of Indian and Tibetan Yoga, rapidly becoming lost in today's "spiritual marketplace."

Although he does not deviate in spirit from the traditional teachings of ancient masters, he has found the resources to present spirituality not as something dogmatic and dead, but as a living science, based on common sense and joy, which at the same time fulfills the fundamental quest of man.

He first studied spiritual sciences at the age of 16 with his first spiritual mentor and, by the onset of university studies three years later, had begun intense yogic and tantric practice under the guidance of his first guru.

During the Communist period of the 1980s, Romanian Yoga teachers suffered severe persecution (arrests, torture, beatings, etc.), and Swami was one of those who shared this fate.

In 1990 he moved to Copenhagen where he founded NATHA, now Denmark's largest Yoga school.

In 1998, Swami Vivekananda – a gold medalist in the Physics Olympics who was also accepted for membership to Mensa International – took full sannyasa vows at the Kumbha Mela in India, at which time his Diksha guru gave him his new and famous name representing discriminating insight.

Subsequently, he spent four years in India, where he taught in Rishikesh and was so well regarded that the Indian government found him best qualified to represent Yoga at its International Yoga Week!

While restrained by a modesty that prevents him from discussing it often, Swami Vivekananda has reached high states of spiritual realization and samadhi, and therefore can offer a proven path to spiritual accomplishment and does so in well-articulated concepts.

He is one of the few Western tantric teachers well versed in Kundalini Yoga and Gnostic Christianity, and even specializing in the intensely spiritual Tantra Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism.

His genius is in giving a coherent representation of world spirituality in an impeccably practical form.

In the middle of an intense teaching schedule, Swami is calm and tireless.

One moment he is healing (he is a practitioner of chiropractic and other healing methods), another moment lecturing on subjects outside the courses or giving direct initiations to a class, sometimes demonstrating asanas or pranayama, other times discussing personal life problems with pupils, possibly in their own language (he speaks five).

He inspires with his personal example, with examples from history, quoting uninterruptedly from scores of ancient texts and spiritual masters – and with a great sense of humor.

This exceptional man, who has dedicated his life to guiding others along this pure and true spiritual path, is regarded by his pupils as a highly realized, beloved Yoga master and gifted teacher.

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