7 Days Goa Beach Yoga and Healing Retreat

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Shakti Shira Bassi

Shakti Shira Bassi has been trained over 15 years in power yoga and Sivanada in India. Shakti, or London mata as she is affectionately known by the Indian saints of the kumbh mela, is a yogi in life and lives yoga as living from the heart. She has undertaken travels to all sacred high energy sites such as Tibet, Nepal, Israel, and Egypt and has decided to take roots in Ibiza to share the 8 limbs as a living yoga practice. Shakti Shira Bassi is an author of “Living from the Heart and Energy”, and 2 successful heart leader’s book. She is an energy healer and also clears chakra energy blocks. She is a yogini who chiseled her yoga with the saints of the Himalaya as well as western tradition.

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