8 Days Women's Sacred Expression Retreat, Guatemala (4% off)

When: 5 Nov 2015 - 12 Nov 2015 (Thu - Thu, 7 nights)
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The Yoga Forest

The Yoga Forest was founded as a sustainable living experiment, through a desire for living simply, greenly and in communion with everything surrounding us.

In yoga practice, we clear the body and mind making space for wisdom and deeper understanding to flow freely and openly. In making space, we allow ourselves to experience our fullness and connection to everything around us. Yoga is therefore about cultivating flow through the body and mind and opening up to optimal experience - union.

Permaculture follows the same principles. In Permaculture, we are essentially making space for the wisdom of the entire system to fully flow, to become a more open and thriving container for life. Permaculture teaches us to observe the natural environment and work with rather than against the natural order of flow. Thus, in Permaculture we are also cultivating union. Through the Yoga of Permaculture, we are facilitating the experience of Yoga as deep ecology – by allowing the ecosystem, and ourselves within that system, to demonstrate their own evolution.

As we step into deep ecology and recognize ourselves as part of the ecosystems and world that we breathe, we begin to recognize the impacts we make. In Permaculture the idea that everything gardens means that everything we have in place is cultivating the whole. Therefore it is imperative to take time and recognize the impacts of all the plants, buildings, elements, animals, and insects on the whole of our Permaculture space. We are always dealing with ecosystems, whether it is in the personal body, the garden, home, or community. Everything we do with our personal bodies impacts the world around us. It may be subtle, and perhaps we may never notice, but regardless our thoughts affecting our actions affecting our world make us part of what gardens life in this world. In Yoga, a personal practice extends far beyond a quiet mind. It extends to where your attention goes. It increases your ability to respond as you become more aware. Through Permaculture, we unite the response to and awareness of our environment into a fusion of deep green yoga.

At The Yoga Forest, we want to live true to our ideals and honest with ourselves. For us, this means daily yoga, meditation and selfless service (seva or karma yoga) within the community and building a comfortable, peaceful place conducive to growth and sharing. To live in a healthy, balanced, natural manner is a way to make positive change for ourselves and for the ecosystems in which we live. See more events in this venue
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Aimee Hansen, Creator of Storyteller Within Retreats

Aimee chases big questions with butterfly nets, only to set them free again. She's always had an irresistible attraction to words and metaphors as a way of playing, provoking, revealing, exploring, understanding, and connecting. Twelve years ago she began sneaking away from the office for creative writing classes at Central Saint Martins College, writing short stories and rekindling a childhood love for all things lyrical.

On a quest for more meaningful plot in life, she left her corporate job in London to travel for a couple years. In 2012, her travels guided her to Guatemala and back to herself. Her intensive studies with an intuitive mentor who called her "the storyteller" and her own passion for human insight started her on ever curious and unfolding journey into the nature of perception. Her work explores the power of the stories we tell within our lives and invites a creative and playful adventure in the yoga of perspective.

She works as a freelance writer, writes children stories, plays at poetry, and is writing a novel about the storyteller within. She holds a 200+ hr yoga teacher certification. She is inspired and humbled by witnessing how something raw and honest in the human spirit aches to open, when given the invitation. She began Storyteller Within retreats to share in the experience of exploring our humanity and stepping into our courage.

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