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Bas Brummans

7Qi authenticity® Lifecoach| Univ. degr. Psycho Dynamics (Twente Univ.) and interim management (Nijenrode Univ.) | Certified Thomas International® coach | Reiki practicioner II | Professional Photographer (Photo Academy Amsterdam)

Bas was born in the Netherlands. After working years in medical top care hospitals and 11 years for PricewaterhouseCoopers he decided 7 years ago to become freelancer combining life coaching, interim management, photography and traveling.

After some life changing events (eg. sitting in a crashing plane in India, suffering cerebral eudemia on intensive care in Tibet) being greatfull for living every day he decided to live his mission: helping people searching for happiness. He developped the 7Qi methodology on basis of many ‘classic’ spiritual works and scientific psychologic literature. His book “Crisis, and now?” (7Qi methodology) will be published soon.

With supporting clients at his life coaching practice in Amsterdam combined with professional photography he is living his passion.

Bas traveles around in South East Asia for many years. He visits Bali frequently exploring the more authentic and hidden places. He knows a lot of Balians (Balinese healers) and many ‘faces’ of Bali. Still impressed by the energy of beautiful nature and culture and dedicated loving Balinese people.

He loves horse riding, driving a motor cycle, sea sailing or play the piano. Loves to cook delicious meals and travel abroad tasting wines. You will find him frequently practicing yoga and meditation and reading (spiritual) literature or having fun with friends all over the world. See more photos and other events by this presenter

heather hobbs

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach | Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist | Certified Rolfer® | Structural Integration Practitione | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist | Certified Living Food Lifestyle® Coach | Psychologist

Heather was born in the exciting academic hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She danced into the world with an immense passion for life and a love of movement, dance and healthy living. After a devastating spinal surgery and nearly a year of bedrest at age 14, she devoted her energy to studying positive psychology, human behavior, movement, yoga, dance, holistic nutrition and all things that help you feel better, move better and live with more energy, vitality and passion.

She completed a degree in Psychology and worked as a career coach at the Leeds Business School and as a teacher and group facilitator several retreat centers in the USA and Mexico. She then returned to school to study Yoga Therapy, Rolfing Structural Integration, Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition. She combined her passions and expertise in yoga, dance, bodywork, holistic health and positive psychology and she created a successful coaching business based in Laguna Beach, California.

She is now an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher and Wellness and Lifestyle Coach based in California and Bali. She guides private clients and groups to achieve healthy bodies and successful lives. Her unique and innovative work facilitates the creation of a life filled with vibrant health, passion and purpose and creates optimal wellbeing from the inside out.

Heather loves yoga, dance, hiking, running, healthy food and new adventures. She is often found enjoying nature and exploring local beaches, trails, waterfalls, farmers markets and outdoor cafes. She is passionate about international travel and immersion and loves sharing life adventures with friends and clients all over the world. See more photos and other events by this presenter

becky nodding

Natural Nutritionist (RHN) | Certified Raw Food Chef | Reiki Master | PSYCH-K® | Holoenergetics® | Matrix Energetics® Facilitator

Becky was born in the beautiful heritage town of Lunenburg NS Canada on a cold winter Monday morning a few short decades ago and grew up with an insatiable hunger for anything ‘outside the box’. This quest lead her to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition which stirred a sleeping passion for healthy food and creative fun wholesome living.

Since living in Asia for the past 5 years Becky continues to explore, learn and share new (to her anyway) beliefs, ideas and skills within permaculture, raw food preparation, meditation and mindful living.

Supporting and guideing mothers/fathers, dancers, teachers, wives/husbands, dog walkers, writers, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers … from all corners of the earth and all age groups, in finding and maintaining their unique truthful balance in a safe, supportive family-like environment is a dream career for her. On her days off you can find her trying a new yoga pose, experimenting in the kitchen or knee high in a veggie patch.
See more photos and other events by this presenter