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Sonic Fusion Alchemy

Sonic Fusion Alchemy was created by Christina Treviño, Intuitive, Sound Healer, Runes & Belvaspata Grand Master. With the intention to facilitate with other Grand Master Practitioners worldwide healing retreat intensives.

Sonic Fusion Alchemy combines profound alchemical tools to potentially ignite our sonic signature, liberate & still the mind, bring wholeness & healthy living back on line. Ultimately living our Godhood.

These retreat intensives involve practical applications of profoundly life-altering alchemical tools, an angelic healing modality and ceremonies given to us by the Internationally Acclaimed Mystic, Seer and Teacher.

Each tool works as a alchemical component along with the participant and the facilitator combined to leverage your potential to transcend beyond physical and linear limitations. While illuminating the underlying perfection and activating your inner Godhood magical abilities.

Due the nature of this retreat intensive the potential for shifts in consciousness and the opening of the heart and high heart we are keeping the group small and personal. A group consciousness and atmosphere also creates an amplification of these high mastery and alchemical tools. Our true state of being is pure and pristine. Our intention is to assist with the revealing and illuminating of this perfection.

Healing is a result to surrendering the mind, body and spirit to a higher vibration of yourself bringing your Godhood online. When ones lives from their source of inspiration infinite intent becomes a fluid and graceful state of being.
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