Dr. Sanango Ayahuasca Retreats and Master Plant Dietas Ongoing Program

From 750 USD


Loreto, Peru

1 Jun 2016 To 1 Jun 2026

Authentic shamanic healing with Master Plants Ayahuasca and Sanango in Peru- we facilitate 8 day retreats and dietas in our Amazonian village medicine lodge
4 week Ayahuasca/Plant Diet Retreat Ongoing Program

From 3360 USD

Loreto, Peru

18 Aug 2015 To 18 Aug 2025

Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Plant Diet, Plant/Flower Baths of aura-cleansing, regeneration and more!
Special OfferInto the Heart of Light: A Yoga & Plant Medicine retreat 19 Jun 2019 - 29 Jun 2019

From 1795 USD

Cuzco, Peru

19 Jun 2019 To 29 Jun 2019

A deeply nourishing, 10 day, all-inclusive retreat and 100 hour advanced YTT that blends yogic and shamanic based practices. Sacred Valley, Peru.
Embodying the Beauty of Mather Nature Ongoing Program

From 850 USD

San Martín, Peru

3 Nov 2016 To 3 Nov 2026

Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, lifestyle practices and natural skin care specifically for a mature woman.Rejuvenate in the nature.
Ongoing Program

From 745 USD


San Martín, Peru

10 Feb 2018 To 10 Feb 2028

All year round 5 day Hatha yoga vacation in Tambo Ilusión, a rustic retreat center in the Amazon jungle, an oasis for wildlife, yoga and nature lovers.
10 Day Ayahuasca/San Pedro Healing Retreats Ongoing Program

From 2500 USD

Áncash, Peru

4 May 2015 To 4 May 2025

Our mission is to help you awaken to the truth of your being. Combining sacred medicine with ancient wisdom and modern progressive psychology.

From 1150 USD

Cuzco, Peru

16 Aug 2018 To 4 Jan 2019

Deeply re-connect with your true loving being, open your heart, and expand your consciousness by joining our transformative retreat in the magical Andes of Peru

From 790 USD

Cuzco, Peru

23 Aug 2018 To 27 Oct 2018

Join us on a transformative journey into the world of the mystical Q'eros, receive ancestral Inca inititaions & deeply connect via the Sacred Plant San Pedro. ✮
Shamanic healing intensive Ongoing Program

From 500 USD

Cuzco, Peru

21 Jun 2018 To 21 Jun 2028

During this journey we will delve deeply into Shamanic practices and intensive Plant Medicine ceremonies (Amazonian herbal cleanse, Ayahuasca and San Pedro)
Ayahuasca Integration Ongoing Program

From 20 USD/night

Loreto, Peru

7 Oct 2017 To 7 Oct 2027

Ayahuasca Integration Program