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Natura Beach Hote;l

Natura seafront ECO hotel is situated in Polis, northwestern Pafos District, in a stunning location, right on an extended beach at the centre of the bay with clear, warm waters. The hotel, surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean orchards and gardens with recent renovations, is 45 minutes drive from Pafos International Airport and 35 minutes from Pafos town.
The family run Natura Hotel and Villas is a truly unique holiday retreat, the right place for relaxation, offering space and tranquility. Sitting by the pool or basking in the sun on the spacious lawn under the palm trees will be hard to resist.
This nature lovers resort is also very popular for active holidays. By Walkers and Cyclists due to its proximity to the scenic Akamas nature reserve, a beautiful peninsula with several walking and cycling trails. By Botanists, the gardens and plantations of the Natura are ideal for study. By Birdwatchers, the resort is situated on a main migrating bird route. By Turtle lovers, the beach of Natura is a turtle nesting area. By Anglers, for fishing in the sea or the nearby dams. By joggers who find the lawn corridors of Natura as well as its long beach the right place for exercise. By swimmers and snorkelers enjoying the sea of Natura Beach..

The Natura Beach is a Padi Gold Palm Resort in association with a nearby Water Sports centre, offering among other things instruction in scuba diving at all levels. An unforgettable experience is also a boat ride along the Akamas peninsula coastline with a swim in the blue lagoon of Fontana Amoroza area.
Away from the noisy traffic and the activity of the town, the resort is at the same time only 20-minute walk from the tavernas, bars and cafes of Polis centre and its picturesque pedestrian square. The very high number of our repeat guests at Natura attest that we are offering the right ambience for peaceful and relaxing holiday close to nature.

The Natura Beach is located in an agricultural estate which has been in the family for generations. The present owners continue the agricultural tradition as part of the overall Natura holistic and sustainable concept.
The hotel plantations, on the left, right and in front of the buildings, provide most of the fruit and vegetables used by our kitchen. Over 600 citrus trees supply fresh, organic juice and fruits throughout most of the year. Our 400 olive trees produce a few thousand liters of organic extra virgin olive oil annually, as well as delicious olives, both used extensively by our chef. Depending on the season, guests can participate in olive and orange picking. Other trees like bananas, figs and palm trees turn the estate into an exotic park.
Our organic vegetable garden, at the east side of the estate nearly covers the needs of our kitchen year round. Our diverse range of organic vegetables is used in salads, accompanies the main dishes, and is also the main ingredient in many of our vegetarian dishes.
The organic herb garden, near the tennis court, provides unique Mediterranean flavours to our dishes and also a range of healthy herbal infusions.
The nearby small animal farm (goats, chickens turkeys, ducks, rabbits etc) provides some of our requirements i.e free range eggs or the milk for our cheeses like halloumi and anari.

Living up to its name the Natura Beach is a hotel with a strong environmental ethos:
The characteristic low-profile design of the hotel buildings and their distance from the beach are part of our effort of not imposing upon the surrounding environment.
Water conservation and sewage treatment:
A separate piping network provides ground water from our own well to lavatories thus saving valuable drinking water. The ground water is also used for the irrigation of our plantations and herb gardens. All waste water is collected in a sophisticated on-site biological treatment station and the treated water is used for irrigating the orchards. Guests can help in our efforts by choosing when to change towels for obvious environmental reasons.
Energy conservation and recycling:
A solar panel system ensures that for most of the year no fuel at all is used for heating the water. Our photovoltaic system covers a considerable amount of our everyday electricity needs. Our eight swimming pools are cleaned and filtered with the use of green solar energy. Economy light bulbs are used in all rooms and common areas. The air-conditioning units will go off when the glass doors to the balcony or terrace are not well shut, avoiding wasteful use. Air-conditioning and all lighting in the bedrooms will also go off when the key holder is removed from the slot when the guest is away.
Reuse and recycling are priorities of the Hotel. Huge amounts of organic matter is composted and used in our organic vegetable gardens. Paper, metal, glass and plastic are all recycled.
Our beach was always a breeding ground for Sea Turtles (both the Careta Careta and the Chelonia Mitas). Because of this, we take measures such as avoiding bright lights, excessive watersports on our beach, etc. Turtle nests are monitored and protected. In fact, the numbers are going up every year.
Occasional lectures on the nature of Cyprus and guided walks to the Akamas Peninsula Nature Reserve are organized by the hotel and are free to all guests. of Natura. See more events in this venue

Golden Age Seminars

We initiate the future with leadership retreats,
empowering women gatherings in sacred places
and deep transformative seminars.
A special focus of us is teaching THE new healing method
of the Golden Age: SALT HEALING!

The new spirituality doesn't want us to isolate our souls in monasteries, detach ourselves from the world or take vows that will shut our lives from pleasure and abundant living. Instead, it invites us to commune with the divine within us, while we connect and spend time with other people.  We create a sacred space for this to happen where people can experience light while they are being loved. We are witnesses of one another and we support each other with loads of  love and openness in this path of transformation and awakening.

We are here to Love, be Loved and healed by the Love.


We provide awareness shifting seminars which support you to step with joy, peace, love and power into the Golden Age. In our retreats we kindly ask you to follow a vegan diet to support the energy changes in a best way.

We want to rise awareness, love and compassion in all spheres of life.
Also you will find in many of our retreats yoga practice. We think that it is a wonderful and necessary way to bring a new energy flow to the body.

Our purpose is to help everybody to find their place in life  – which means Peace on Earth. 

The Golden Age

We are at the beginning of a new era on Earth – the Golden Age.

Still, we are in the transition process and there is a lot of transformation, polarity and darkness showing up.

This is normal as everything becomes more apparent if the light becomes stronger.

At the same, time many people are experiencing a shift in their consciousness and feel increasing unconditional love, compassion and unity.

It is a huge transition process, extensive and significant with important changes, time is speeding up, leading to the arising of awareness in people who wake up and remember again who they are. It is a blessing to be on Earth at the moment. Even if it is for many of us very challenging – never before it was possible to take such big steps in such a very short period of time.


We want to spread love and light also to those who are in genuine need and not able to change their situation by themselves. Together we can move the world easier than alone. Money has to flow and to bring blessings to the world. Compassion is a good master to increase the love energy in the world.

Be compassionate – first with yourself.

To give is to receive.

I am You.

Our donations will mainly flow to organisations for those who are dependent – children and animals.

Be happy to be on Earth!

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Salica Geiger

About  Salica:


My passion is to support people to find themselves. I can see the beauty and divine in everybody. I want you to see yourself also like this. I want you to be happy!

I see your special potential and when you are ready for it, I will open the doors for your hidden soul sources. You will start to walk straight to it and so you will regain your power.

I am sure, that everyone came with a great gift and a task into this life. I can help you to realize, what is yours. Encountering me means encountering you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Soul Coach & Spiritual Teacher & Visionary



My Vision:

The day will come, when everybody took his own place in life. Then, divine peace will reign on Earth. Mankind will live in harmony with nature and animals.


“Your place” means, that you found yourself, your life task and you practice it in daily life. If you found your own place you will have no need to be jealous of what your neighbour has got, because you are very satisfied and happy with your place. There is no need for wars anymore, because we see the divine in every being.


I believe, that YOU can make the difference in the world.

Imagine:  you expand your love and light EVERY day, you work on your INNER PEACE, you SMILE to the man on the street, you HELP somebody in need, you STOP violence in every part of your life – in words, your way of thinking, how you treat yourself, thinking about and starting to become vegan, you recognize in every being the DIVINE LIGHT… – YOU ARE the difference and shifting your own consciousness helps all the planet to shift consciousness. So start NOW to BE the difference! I can see the sparkling in your eyes.



Biography and Trainings:

In 2007 Salica moved from Germany to Crete, following the call of her soul to live and to serve at her power place on Earth. In Iraklio/Crete she founded the “Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio” – a place for all people who are looking for peace, transformation and support to find themselves.

Salica`s abilities are the result of her natural gift and many years of training and working experiences in different cultures (Germany, France, Bulgaria, USA and Greece) with people from all over the world.

Her work is based on universal LOVE, the transformation power of FIRE and the purity and divine energy of SALT.


2013      „The Healing School of Salica“ Foundation

2013      Spiritual Master

2011       Spiritual Surgery

2009     Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio/Crete Foundation


2008     Trainer for Landscape and Town Healing

2006     Trainer for Lightsalt Healer

2004     “Salica Lichtsalze” (Salica Lightsalts) Foundation of energized saltproducts

2004     Spiritual Teacher

2004     Trainer of the seminar: “The Path into Light”

2004     Past Life Work, Aura- and Chakratherapy

2003     The 9 Master Schools of Feng Shui

2003     Gauri Gatha: Systemic Therapy

2002     Alpha Chi Consultant – Energy Feng Shui

2000     Classic Feng Shui


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Rasa Ambruleviciute Tomar

Rasa joined Ravvi School of Yoga in 2014 after completing her Yoga Teacher training with Master Ravindra and one more in Sivananda Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. After trainings she was travelling and joining classes in different Ashrams and Yoga Schools in India – Mysore Mandala School – 3 weeks of Astanga Yoga practice and Pranayama course with B.N.S. Iyengar. Rasa’s Yoga journey started in 2012 Sivananda Ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Since childhood I was interesting in Spirituality, Self-Development, Psychology and Life Purpose. I had so many questions but couldn’t find an answer. Always felt that there is something more than job, money, power and entertainments. Seems I lost interest in everything. Long time I was changing jobs, countries I was living in, was travelling a lot just to find that “something” I wasn’t sure exists. Just after travels, meeting different cultures and people, seeing world, getting to know myself better and meeting my best friend and dear husband Ravi, I understood that the thing I was looking for is in me. It’s Trust, Believe in God and Inner Peace. Yoga helped me to unlock many secrets about me and the world. And I would love to share my experience with everyone who is interested and want to share their Yoga journey”. Rasa believes there is no style of Yoga – Yoga is Ancient Science founded in India to balance and keep healthy your Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga at the same time is discipline and freedom – and the best Gurus we are for ourselves. Living Yoga just helps us to hear our inner guide – our Heart

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Alinea Smaragda

I come from the island Crete, from the beautiful city of Rethymno. I am an alternarive therapist, Salt-Healer, Energy Feng Shui Conslultand, i write articles and do spiritual painting. Alao i am organizator and coordinator in Golden Age Seminars Organization 7 years ago, through a “random” event, I stumbled on the area of energy therapies and since then my life has continued to move in this direction. Through personal experience I’ve noticed that my personal progression and healing passed very quickly to another level. I began to realize my light, my qualities and my unique talents and this new state of being gradually re-established peace within me. I organise personal development seminars, because I believe that helping people in this way can transform a person’s life. The energy seminars which I also am involved in, are the most direct way for people to see the light of their soul. I think that people have lost the peace within themselves because they’ve lost contact with this light, their own light-identity. However the times we live in require us now, more than ever before, to create authenticity and truth, our peace, and this can only be done if we are willing to restore this connection.

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