Awakening with Master Plants

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Posada Natura

Our heartfelt mission at Posada Natura is to facilitate the process of global awakening by planting the seeds of love, truth, respect, and peaceful cooperation. Through our sacred ceremonies, retreats, and workshops, we honor and carry forth the wisdom and practices of both ancient and modern traditions, and we open our doors to and all who are on the path of self discovery. We strive to live harmoniously with Mother Earth and all of her abundance so that we may leave a better world for our children and future generations.

At Posada Natura we strongly believe in the power of ancient plant medicines and traditions. We collaborate with experienced teachers and facilitators to offer unique programs for spiritual awakening and mind, body transformation. We recognize that the path of personal evolution is a varied and multi-layered process. For this reason, we are always broadening the spectrum of healing opportunities here at Posada Natura to include a variety of tradition and healing modalities.

Our all inclusive retreats offer a safe space for energetic and physical detox, through reconnecting to the Sacred Mother, surrendering, and looking inward at the pure love inside of you. Join us on the path of human awakening in one of Posada Natura’s monthly 5 day Plant Medicine retreats (Awakening with Master Plants) or in our other wellness retreats led by guest facilitators in areas such as Meditation, Yoga, Detox, Qigong/Taichi, Tantra, Herbalism and more! See more events in this venue
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