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When: 6 Feb 2016 - 13 Feb 2016 (Sat - Sat, 7 nights)
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Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat



Walk in. Float out.


  • Top 1% of hotels worldwide ~ TripAdvisor

  • 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards

  • “Best in Asia” ~ Yoganonymous

  • “The healthiest getaway” ~ USA TODAY

  • Rated #1 on TripAdvisor with a perfect 5 Star rating

Bali Floating Leaf is a peaceful retreat in a lush oasis in which to nourish, recharge and heal your mind, body and spirit, holistically. Combining ancient Balinese wisdom with modern convenience and luxury, our Bali retreat provides a safe place for relaxation, personal enrichment and wellness. Stay in our luxurious villas and take part in retreats such as yoga, wellness, Bali arts and culture, photography, surfing and many more. Enjoy our Balinese spa and open-air yoga center with views of the Indian Ocean and Mount Agung Volcano. Guests can also look forward to an ultimate relaxation pool complete with waterfalls, hidden meditation areas and more. The grounds also feature an organic permaculture garden as well as a large and friendly kitchen where our private chef will prepare delectable healthy meals, juices and snacks with locally grown organic nutrient-rich food. And to top it off, world-class surf is steps away!


The Yoga Sanctuary, our 2000 square foot (186 sq meters) space can accommodate large yoga classes, lectures, performances and even weddings. It has been heralded as “Asia’s best place to practice Yoga” and offers sweeping views of Holy Mt. Agung as well as the Indian Ocean and Bali’s outer laying islands.

The Sanctuary is also used for lectures, weddings, music performances, dance classes, puppet shows and more.

After studying the weather patterns for 5 years, we were able to carefully design and construct the Sanctuary, as well as the other buildings at Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat, to take full advantage of the wonderful breezes our micro-climate offers. These near continuous breezes that flow through the property, protect us from the humidity and mosquito problems experienced in many other areas of Bali.


The Yoga Sanctuary makes use of passive cooling, green walls and roofs, sustainable materials and other eco-friendly methods to enrich a deeply natural yoga experience.

Enjoy the feel of your bare feet on our strand-woven bamboo floors. Strand woven bamboo takes the worlds most sustainable material, bamboo and converts it into a dense, ultra strong material that acts like a hardwood and is designed to last 30-40 years.


The spa’s owner Maryam Putu Doliveck, is a member of one of Bali’s Royal Families and the sole recipient of health and wellness recipes past down through generations. Putu has owned and operated one of the most successful spas in California’s central coast for almost a decade. A certified practitioner of the State of California, she brings the standards and modern technology of Western spa practices and skillfully combines them with her traditional Balinese heritage to create a one of a kind experience.


At Floating Leaf, we have six superior Pool View Rooms rooms and four Garden Rooms, all created with your comfort and minimal environmental impact in mind. Each room is well appointed with modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel. Enjoy spectacular views on the Indian Ocean and holy Mount Agung volcano and the surrounding rice fields.

Great care has been taken to ensure all materials conform to high environmental standards.

The spacious, well-appointed bedrooms at Floating Leaf provide luxurious comfort and a perfect home base in which to enjoy all the wonders of Bali


We take your food choices very seriously at Floating Leaf, and we promise to serve only the healthiest, most nutrient rich foods available. All of our meals are thoughtfully crafted with your optimal health in mind. We have been heralded as one of the world’s healthiest destinations as we use the freshest, organic ingredients available. Menus include traditional Indonesian specialties as well as raw, vegan and vegetarian options.

Once you leave you can take the health benefits with you as you can enjoy cooking classes in our big friendly kitchen and learn exactly how to prepare the meals you will come to love by the time you are ready to go home.


  • Yoga and meditation platforms

  • Salt water and naturally filtered

  • Adjacent living pond with fish and natural filtering plants

  • Chromatherapy lighting system

  • In-pool dinning

  • Built-in loungers and water-hammock for reading and relaxation

  • Lotus platforms for yoga and meditation

  • 56 foot (17 meter) length for lap swimming

Floating Leaf Eco-Resort is rooted in a deep commitment to Bali's environment; its people, and sustainable tourism.
Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat ~ Jl Pantai Purnama 42 ~ Sukawati, Bali 80582 ~ Indonesia 

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Stacy Romillah

"I love this planet, my child, my fellow humans and generations yet to come, the furred, finned, scaled and feathered ones, the forests and seas. I believe that when we each show up fully, in our brilliance and power and take action on our deepest, heart felt, divine purposes, we create a beautiful future for our world. We become the answers to prayers."

Stacy Romillah loves to see people shine. She sees everyone's inner light and potential and loves to witness them achieving their dreams. She sees the darkness, pain and trauma inside too, and knows the paths to release it and find Freedom!

It all began when she was 10. She began to develop heightened senses of energy and have deep experiences with nature. She knew there was far more magic in the world than anyone was telling her about. This began a lifelong journey into her Self, healing, adventure and the esoteric.

She got her Master's degree in Acupuncture in 1995 and certifications in too many healing modalities to list. She explored meditation, remote beaches in Alaska, learned to snorkel, dive and sail, and travel the world. She became a Yoga and meditation teacher and, through extensive experience, a Health and Lifestyle consultant. Everything she's done has been in line with discovering and expressing her own Radiant Health and Bliss, and guiding and inspiring others to the same heights.

In 2013, after 20 years in her busy private healing practice, she took a sabbatical year and moved to Bali with her daughter. Touched by the healing energy of the island and culture, she returns again and again to her tropical home and community. Her local experience will guide you safely on your journey here.

Today Stacy Romillah is a sought after health consultant, teacher and speaker who guides people to their freedom, empowerment, and realization of their true potential. She's known for helping people release all that holds them back from their radiant health, their greatest potential and a life they love.

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