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Be Yoga Atlanta

At be yoga we believe that yoga is not destination at the end of a specific path but rather a lifelong journey of self-exploration. Our goal is to empower you to discover how you can be flexible, be strong, be calm, be meditative, be healthy, be fun, and to just you, be yoga!

Our facility is equipped with two studios, the Hot Studio is heated to 95 degrees to help safely open the body and the Main Studio is kept at 75 degrees. We have developed a place for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners to establish a yoga practice and to just be. See more events in this venue
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Isabelle Casey Yoga

I knew I was home from the first time I placed my hands on my yoga mat. From that point, my journey of exploration began. Teaching found me by “accident”, when I attended my regular Ashtanga Yoga class, and there was no instructor to lead. With a bit of encouragement from my fellow yoga peers, I stepped in. Though nervous during this experience, the high I felt from sharing my practice with others was huge. My teaching journey continued on… I started teaching yoga in 1999, to a small intimate group of yogis. In 2001, my formal training began at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Levels 1 & 2, Bryan Kest, and more recently, Off The Mat & Into The World Leadership Training & Global Action Summit. Aside from my formal yoga trainings, my most profound teacher is life itself. I take into consideration what and whom I’ve studied from, but march to my own beat. My family, experiences, opportunities, and the beautiful people in my life are my guide. My personal practice has changed from the intensity of any set style and has turned more inward, honing a strong flow that is attentive to the body in motion and grounding stability from our deep core. I teach to who comes to my class and draw inspiration from my own personal practice and share that with others.

A total Seattle, free spirit, I am naturally drawn to not following an agenda. My style is creative while being inclusive of student’s needs. My goal is to create a space for students to explore where they are in their practice. In class, the foundation is laid by breath work as a metric to follow. We explore meditation, core work, and dynamic sequencing that cultivate a deeper sense of interconnectedness. There is always a focus on core work as I believe it is the epicenter of our body and direct link to inner work. I draw from my own experience in my practice with the gifts of knowledge I have learned in the form of personal insight and life experience. This creates engaging, yet strong classes that unlock stuck energy & blocks in the body & mind. I encourage all to honor our own inner teacher during practice, as this is the true guide. The teacher is what happens in our life and we dive in to do the work on our mats. This is yoga. My only goal is that we share our yoga experience in our lives off the mat and that we continue to practice to develop an ongoing deeper sense of awareness.

My most recent dharmic opportunity is spear-heading the community yoga website, the My Yoga Scene in addition to my ambassadorships with Asha Patel Designs, and KiraGrace. I love creating community and knowing my work lends to positive personal growth and spreading of the yoga tradition.

“Isabelle is a natural teacher, leader, and community builder. I’ve had the honor of knowing Isabelle for over a decade and can say with confidence that she is someone who walks her talk as a teacher.”

~Melina Meza, Creator of Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga

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