Beaches, Balance, Bliss

When: 20 Nov 2015 - 30 Nov 2015 (Fri - Mon, 10 nights)
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Balian Beach

Laid back surf town See more events in this venue
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Carly Chivers

“Each breath is a gift and each new day is a fresh opportunity to create the life that you want. Live with joy, express your love, smile from your soul!“

The path of self inquiry through yoga has been an ongoing journey of exploration for Carly. With a background in high level competitive sport, yoga started as the balancing medium for her physical pursuits and has now become a source of nourishment and place of grounding in her life.

Yoga combined with a dedicated passion for surfing, has led her all over the world, surfing and exploring Europe, N. Africa, Indonesia, Hawaii and currently Central America. Her love for the ocean influences and inspires her yoga practice. After years of study, Carly took the leap to become a 200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor. Since then Carly has been sharing her contagious love for yoga, and the peace she finds on the mat with students on retreats and in private classes. Carly challenges her students to express their most authentic self on the mats, and in the world.

Carly is an advocate for women’s empowerment, health and creativity and actively works in the community of Playa Gigante, to promote these messages. Teaching, sharing her passion with others, and encouraging her students to find what it is that inspires them, is what keeps Carly going! See more photos and other events by this presenter

India Reinartz

With a surfboard in one hand and a yoga mat in the other exploring the globe, stepping one foot in front of the other, India searches for nothing but to be present and awakened by her surroundings.

Remember as children each day was a surprise; we lived completely in the moment. Then we grew up, developed fears and anxieties, acquired responsibilities; and in turn, forgot how to play.

Starting her journey young, India immersed herself into the surf culture creating opportunities with work, travel, and her passions in life. She has surf guided in Morocco, managed surf camps in Portugal and Nicaragua and has traveled all around the world in search for waves, culture, and exposure. Now she finds herself wanting to challenge her strengths and embark on her own business adventure, so India created Papaya Wellness. A dream of hers to teach, guide and share her love for the ocean through playing in the waves. Complementing it with yoga and her devotion to share her practice of life on and off the mat with others. Over time India has learned that the two go hand in hand like rice and beans! Papaya Wellness introduces all the best elements of life and She is proud to be a part of it. See more photos and other events by this presenter