Being at Ease – Meditation Retreats in Andaluica, Spain

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Siggy Verelst

Siggy Verelst has been practising meditation and other spiritual disciplines from a very young age. Being committed to her inner work and self-development she has immersed herself in meditative practices from various traditions throughout her life.

Motivated by a strong compassion for people and a desire to assist in alleviating suffering through raising one’s awareness Siggy studied psychotherapy for four years and obtained a Masters at the Cairnmillar Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. She has since been practising as a psychotherapist and holds her own private practice when not teaching abroad. She has also investigated the mind-body connection which she studied in India, Australia and at the Esalen Institute in California. She is also a hypnotherapist and Yoga Nidra teacher.

Siggy’s work has been influenced by teachers like Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Carl Rogers and Peter Levine. Because of her interest in both psychotherapeutic theories as well as eastern philosophy, her retreats have a strong psychological focus aimed at increasing our emotional understanding of ourselves and improving emotional wellbeing.
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