Biodanza International Conference

When: 22 May 2014 - 24 May 2014 (Thu - Sat, 2 nights)
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Desert Ashram

Welcome to the Desert Ashram
In midst the wild desert is the Desert Ashram. A place for meditation, silence and peace. The ashram is a spiritual center for festivals and spiritual and therapy workshops that take place every weekend. The place is operated by the members of an amazing commune of desert people and Osho meditators. Come and learn about the place, about our live in program,  the Working Meditation Program or WOMP. You are invited to live with us or to come and visit.

About The Ashram

A Bit About Who We Are

What did you say? Ashram!? Wait a minute, what's this all about? Wait, are you silent all day? Or such a place that everyone is walking around naked all the time? You are not a cult... Right?! Wait... So what is it really about?

Wake up to the sound of a gong for morning meditation. Play hooky. Get up and see the desert. Cross the lawn, make a cup of coffee in the mess hall. Say good morning. There are two people I've never met before. They still don't know if they're going to head on to the beaches of Sinai or stay here a few months. Smoke a cigarette in the Smoking Temple. Jump in the pool. What are we doing today? There are a few projects. Such as? The food truck has arrived, we have to put the vegetables in the refrigerators, renovatethe plaster in room 6 or mow the lawn.Here comes Musa. What's up, honey pie? Shall we have coffee together? Sure. Who's preparing the Group Room? There's a workshop starting today. Three girls are fixing a meal in the kitchen. Can we have a little snack? No. Please? Oh, alright. Can we change this music? No. Turn it down, then? No. So I go outside the fence, and in a second it's all gone. The green oasis is left behind, and the surface is endless. I Walk on the moon, facing the red mountains, stones pattering under my feet.
Far away someone is shouting in the loudspeakers. What's he saying? Dance break. In the middle of the afternoon. In the big Buddha Hall. OK, that's enough. We have to change the sheets in the rooms. Hello, wake up, the workshop people will be here in two hours. The desert takes its time. And it gives freedom. There's yoga tonight. But I feel like Kundalini. Tough break. A biscuit with chocolate spread. Another cigarette in the Smoking Temple. People come and chat. Is this how you live here? Exactly. How many people? About ten. For how long? As long as we feel like. Sounds like fun. It is.

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