Earth Goddess Rising

When: 11 Jul 2014 - 13 Jul 2014 (Fri - Sun, 2 nights)
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High Country Lodge

In the midst of the San Juan Mountains between Pagosa Springs Colorado and Wolf Creek Ski area, the

High Country Lodge offers heart-felt hospitality wrapped in Western comfort. Our full-service hotel provides a variety of lodging options from casual lodge rooms to our comfortable cabins which provide privacy and relaxation for families or couples.

In a distinctive, beautiful setting of 20 wooded acres, we take the best of nature and combine it with over-the-top customer service. Start your day right with our delicious complimentary breakfast set in a cozy, log dining area complete with crackling fireplace. In the Spring and Summer, step outside and enjoy taking a walk, fishing on our stocked fishing pond, or building a campfire. In the Winter, enjoy our sledding hill, sauna, and Pagosa's best hot tubs. If you would like to experience the best of Pagosa Springs, just ask one of our knowledgeable staff that can help you make the most of your vacation.

Whether you prefer the comfort of our lodge rooms or our private log cabins, we have the perfect room to fit your needs.

ALL rooms and cabins and non-smoking. See more events in this venue
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Michael Mirdad

About Michael Mirdad
Michael Mirdad is a World-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Author. He has worked as a Healer and Counselor for over 30 years and is the author of the best-selling books, The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path, You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!, An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and Healing the Heart & Soul. Michael has facilitated thousands of classes, lectures, and workshops throughout the world on Mastery, Spirituality, Relationships, and Healing and is commonly referred to as a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer.” He has been featured as a keynote speaker in the world’s largest Expos and Conferences, and has been on radio, television, and various Internet programs, as well as being featured in several magazines, including Whole Self Times, Sedona Journal, and Yoga Journal. He is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time and for his ability to share the deepest teachings in a clear, applicable manner.
Michael is both an incredible spiritual teacher and yet also one of the world’s most intuitive counselors and healers. When he facilitates a lecture, church service or workshop, it’s not like anything done by other teachers; it’s more like a miraculous experience. In a single event, you can find some audience members experiencing the greatest teachings and insights in their life, while others are brought to the deepest tears, and still others laughing from his wonderful humor. During his lectures, it is not uncommon to see angels and beings of light surrounding him or to experience deep emotional healing.
Michael is a profoundly spiritual being and truly an anomaly. He is well learned but is mostly self-taught. He teaches on the disciplines of Christ and Buddha and yet also on the subtleties of sacred sexuality and healing trauma. He teaches on more topics than most people could study in a lifetime. It’s impossible to label him. Is he serious or hilarious? Are his teachings deep or simple? Michael Mirdad is one of those people you might easily refer to as an embodied angel or ascended master. One thing is certain: he is a modern day miracleworker, channeling God’s love in a most unique way. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Susanna Sophia Hart

Susanna Sophia Hart is a Priestess of the Goddess in the Sophian tradition. Susanna Sophia lives the Way of Love as taught through the esoteric teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus). In 2005, Susanna founded the Sophia Temple of Light, which is dedicated to illuminating the Divine Feminine Codes of Light and to invoking the Christ Flame within.

A seeker on the path from the tender age of seven, she experienced her first mystical visit and healing through the grace of Yeshua. Through her extraordinary connection to the Divine, Susanna began to bridge the worlds of Heaven and Earth. In Love with the Beloved (Goddess, the Divine), her morning begins in meditation, invoking the Presence, singing and dancing the Goddess, and caring for the Land in Sedona, where she presently lives. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Tanishka Tantrika

About Tanishka
In 1996 Tanishka left a fledgling career as a stand-up commedienne & was initiated into the feminine mysteries, spending a year long vision quest in the Otway Ranges, after which she returned to pioneer a unique series of ‘Awaken Goddess’ feminine archetype seminars & channelled readings.

She then spent 12 years exclusively as a priestess serving the Divine Feminine, (first as the founder of Woven Women & later, Star of Ishtar) facilitating women’s gatherings such as Full Moon Circles & pioneering various rite of passage ceremonies & gatherings such as Goddess Hen’s nights, Belly Blessing Baby Showers, Budding Maiden Ceremonies & Elderwoman Ceremonies in Melbourne, Australia. During this time she also worked as a sacred temple dancer in various arenas, including initiating couples in Tantric Wedding Ceremonies. She also worked for two & a half years as a Faery initiating children through their rites of passage with a combination of play & mysticism. In 2003 she was blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Her Work
Her work is distinguished by her gift for channelling ancient wisdom & disseminating it with down-to-earth humour. Combining these skills, she created & conducted an annual kundalini yoga journey awakening the divine feminine or shakti in priestesses through a nine month series of transformational initiations. She has also facilitated a wide range of short courses & seminars including Retreats,Tantra for Women, Dance Meditations & Community Events celebrating Seasonal & Astrological shifts.

In 2006 she created & unveiled the Star of Ishtar range of alchemical chakra essences, oils & elixirs to assist her initiate priestesses. Her first book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ was released June 2007.

Tanishka has been a popular keynote speaker at the Australian Goddess Conference, Melbourne Mind, Body, Spirit Festival & writes for various national magazines See more photos and other events by this presenter

Oren Harris

A being who is living as Infinite Self within a finite world, Oren is a real life demonstration of the saying, “be in the world, but not of it”, and is capable of showing up in a vast number of ways to best serve those he is inspired to work with.

There are a couple of things you can put your finger on, however.

Oren is a world-class facilitator & transformation specialist, and his clients always reach their next level through working with him.


No matter how far along an individual is in their personal or spiritual development, and no matter how large and impactful their expression has become, Oren has the special ability to clearly see the next level of their infinite potential that is available to them, and is able to masterfully guide them into embodying their next level of potential over and over again.

Because of this, those who work with Oren usually become clients for life, as they realize the immeasurable value of having a being by their side who can see, speak to, and draw out all of who they really are every time they connect with him.

Oren’s ultimate “superhero” ability is something that comes naturally to him… so naturally, in fact, that he doesn’t even notice it most of the time, but its impact is very real and frequently life-changing for those who happen to experience it.

His presence activates people.

Time and time again, individuals who cross paths with Oren, even if for a brief moment, report back that after their encounter with him, their expansion accelerated and significant shifts almost immediately started taking place in their lives.

Such is the power and consequence of being beheld with Unconditional Love, a rare and priceless gift that Oren has tapped into, consistently embodies, and shares with the world everywhere he goes.

Regardless of where you are on your respective path, if you’re an individual who is fired up about and wholeheartedly committed to fully engaging life and giving it all that you’ve got, then Oren is inspired to connect with, and potentially work with you. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Shari Billger

For the past seventeen years Shari Billger has traveled the world extensively, facilitating Flower of Life and other Workshops. In addition to her corporate America background Shari brings a rich, deep, and varied background to her calling as a certified Flower of Life facilitator. Shari is a certified acupressure and Holographic Repatterning practitioner, body energy worker, and Reiki master teacher, using Spirit as guide. She also is an ordained non-denominational minister with the Universal Brotherhood and the Universal Life Church, a published poet and artist, and teacher of meditation and experiential art therapy. When Shari lived in Wisconsin, she led mass meditations for world peace, love, and harmony, and promoted world-famous authors, including Betty J. Eadie, author of "Embraced By The Light". Shari currently makes her home in Colorado.

In her Flower of Life workshops, Shari draws on many life-changing teachings and her own personal experiences in corporate America, owning her own business, facilitating workshops and healing others to rise to the challenge faced by those in the business world and to make the connections to a new way of feeling and being. "All of the left brain information and technical ability will not work unless the heart is centered," explains Shari, "and the heart center is imperative as we move more deeply into the twenty-first century."

As a seasoned facilitator and trained healer, Shari assists Flower of Life workshop participants in experiencing the importance of the integral relationships of a personal healing process, the opening of the heart to unconditional love for all life everywhere, and the dynamics of powerful sacred group interaction. Her FOL workshop was designed to give you advanced training during your three-day workshop as well. Shari's workshop is literally a journey to the center of the heart, an intense reminder that love is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. People leave her workshops with tools that are life-changing on all levels. See more photos and other events by this presenter