Embodying the Beauty of Mather Nature

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Aubrey Bamdad

Has emerged as a prominent bridge between the fields of Ayurveda and traditional Amazonian medicine. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yogini, contemporary vegetalista, the founder and director of Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals and their primary product formulator. Aubrey’s background in visual art influences her work with plants in a sensorial and aesthetic way. She composes with a botanical palette as a meditation, a way to commune with Source and become more finely attuned to the vibratory language of Nature. Aubrey lives at Yacumaman ethnobotanical center in the upper Peruvian Amazon where she co-facilitates retreat programs cross-pollinating the ancient disciplines of yoga and shamanism. While in Peru, she offers free health services to the local indigenous populace. She travels and teaches worldwide, expounding on a gamut of topics relating to different aspects of Ayurveda and traditional Amazonian medicine. Aubrey is a storyteller and seamlessly weaves together various modalities, including herbalism, full spectrum nutrition, indigenous mythology and cosmovision, sustainability, nature-based philosophy and shamanism. Aubrey founded Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals as a vehicle for bringing the teachings of ancient systems of indigenous healing into the modern world. See more photos and other events by this presenter
Yacumaman Sanctuary Retreat
• 7 nights shared accommodations in Yacumaman Eco-lodge. Our beautiful healing refuge during the retreat is located at Yacumaman Sanctuary for Integral Shamanism, outside the city of Tarapoto in the beautiful upper Amazonian jungles of the department of San Martin. • Transportation from Tarapoto airport to Yacumaman Sanctuary. • 3 fresh, healthy vegetarian meals prepared fresh daily by Chef Katrine (We use organic, seasonal foods, foraged from or grown in the surrounding jungle whenever possible.) • Women’s wisdom workshops: Learn how to make medicinal chocolate for hormone balancing, natural face and body care products for maturing skin, Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle practices for women’s health and how to use plant-based aromatherapy in your home and life. • Communion with Mother Jungle: Absorb the vibrant energy of pristine Amazonian Nature. Bathe in waterfalls, relax on ancient rocks and dip in crystalline spring-fed pools. • Ayahuasca ceremony: Experience this potent visionary entheogen in a safe, guided and sacred space while in the company of women. • Moon lodge: 1 temascal ceremony (indigenous sweat lodge) Sing, chant and speak your prayers in the dark, damp womb of Mother Earth. • Ceremony and rituals: Create and receive shamanic plant and flower baths, participate in an Andean despacho ceremony to connect with Pachamama, create healing Earth art mandalas to heal yourself and connect deeper with Nature, experience shamanic yoga nidra for transcendent relaxation, partake in circle dances to release inhibition and cultivate camaraderie with fellow women. • Daily yoga to recalibrate the endocrine system, open the heart, support reproductive health & rejuvenate the mind and senses. • Herstoria: Experience how myth and storytelling can be used to empower your feminine essence. • Optional healing sessions: Massage and herbal steam baths available at an additional charge.
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