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Domaine du Taillé

Le Domaine du Cut is a reception and zen resort center located in the heart of a private park of 100 hectares in southern Ardèche. The set shows a perfect integration with the surrounding nature. This place unspoilt, peaceful and healing is the ideal venue for martial arts courses, yoga and various artistic activities.

The area is also aimed at companies wishing to hold seminars and open to all for short stays or holidays in self catering accommodation.Relaxation, simplicity and authenticity sum up the atmosphere of this place. The buildings of this privileged site are exclusively built and renovated in natural materials: stone, wood, copper, hemp.


Le Domaine du Cut is a visitor center in the heart of a 100 hectare wooded park in southern Ardèche. The buildings of this special place are exclusively built of stone and wood. The architecture combines tradition and modernity has sought to marry the natural height differences of the site. The set shows a perfect integration with the surrounding nature.

This place preserved tranquil and healing is an ideal structure for organizing martial arts courses, yoga and various artistic activities. The site is also accessible to companies wishing to organize seminars away from traditional hotel structures .


Le Domaine du Cut is open from 1 March to 15 December and offers full-board accommodation for 70 people:

  • 2 double rooms

  • 22 single rooms

  • 7 rooms "couple"

  • 12 individual cottages

  • 2 cottages "couple"

  • 8 individual tents tipis

  • 6 double tents Ecochic

  • 1 yurt for 2-4 people

  • 4 suites

  • 2 apartments

The area offers a variety of rooms ranging from small monastic room after comfort .. The visitor center has seven couples rooms with or without indépendants.Toutes toilets are open on nature. The simple design is soothing. The small monastic rooms are a simple but tasteful decor.

Tipi tents
In a small clearing slightly away from other houses, traditional tents are pitched on fine days for people who want more contact with nature. These small individual tents are equipped with electricity and good bedding.

12 individual cabins and chalets 2 "couple" are available in the woods near the main building of the estate.

The traditional Mongolian yurt wooden 40m² overlooking the natural pools was completed in 2012.

That Ci is scheduled for accommodation of one to four people. It is equipped with a wood stove and electricity for a great comfort even in the cold season.

Suites and Apartments:
For those who want comfort, the two villas located on the property, and Villa Christina Villa Alto, can be decomposed into suites or apartments for hosting 2 to 6 people.

New in 2015: the nomadic tents
Located at the edge of valon and near the sanitary, nomadic tents of more than 12m2 can accommodate two people. Very flexible, these tents have large openings, the sides can be rolled easily so you can enjoy the surroundings and get a lovely indoor freshness.


Access common transport

The nearest train station is Valence TGV, 2h15 TGV from Paris.

Then you have connections in cars SNCF "TER" which subsequently assembled valence TGV train station to Aubenas in 1:50. The stop closest to the Domaine du Cut is that of Saint Etienne de Boulogne Col d'Auriolles, at 1:45 in bus from Valence TGV.

Carpooling access

Le Domaine du Carved encourages carpooling!

As part of participation in a course, contact the facilitator to get the address of the other participants near you and thus share the ride or visit


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Jean-Paul Gravel

Founder of the ThroughConversation™ process and it’s methodology, Jean-Paul is a caring and loving soul who enjoys making people happy. Coming from a French-Canadian background, he has always had tremendous ease at expressing himself. He started dancing when he was eight, became a peer within his community and a highly accomplished dancer by 1994.
1996 marked the beginning of his spiritual growth and health-oriented education. He noticed that even though he was self-expressed, he let his emotions get in the way of the relationships he had with people all around him.
Learning to work with this dynamic in a positive and gentle manner was the cornerstone that would facilitate change in himself and in others. Soon after, he started teaching others how to find their voice and listen to their hearts.
In 2004, Jean-Paul discovered undeniable links between one’s emotional freedom and physical health. Putting the pieces together, he began to outline an exclusive methodology that would dramatically improve one’s physical and emotional health. He found his passion and committed himself to the life work of teaching others.
Today, Jean-Paul lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, dances Argentine tango, has two businesses, and is building a charitable foundation to support people in need. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Olga Kniazeva, PhD

Prior to joining ThroughConversation™, Olga’s life experiences led her on an exciting career path in international security, politics and intercultural communications.
After experiencing the collapse of the Soviet Union, she discovered new worlds through traveling and working with a number of prominent academic and policy making organizations such as NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels, Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Women Waging Peace; she also taught political science at the University of British Columbia. Olga holds a Doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh.
A immense shift in her life came in 2010 when dealing with an ongoing personal crisis. With her emotional and physical health deteriorating, she tried working with various therapists in hopes of resolving the issues, albeit with very little success. That is when Olga discovered ThroughConversation™ and experienced a methodology that quickly brought happiness and health back into her life. Having experienced the process first hand, Olga dedicated her time to making ThroughConversation™ more accessible in Vancouver and internationally.
Today, Olga lives happily with her daughter in Vancouver, British Columbia, enjoys racing sailboats overseas. Since 2013 she became a partner in ThroughConversation™ Personal Development. See more photos and other events by this presenter