Exotic Cultural & Relaxing Yoga Holiday in Morocco

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La Maison Anglaise

Enjoy staying at a comfortable, secure, well-equipped base where you'll be looked after by the exceptional Moroccan staff. The house, situated in a quiet neighbourhood in the medina just 10 minutes walk from Taroudant's famous markets, has 4 storeys:

the first two storeys may be let either as individual rooms or as 2 separate 100 square metre apartments

the third comprises a spacious room which is used for dining, dancing and other activities and a 50 square metre 2 bedroomed suite

the top floor comprises 2 bedrooms that open onto the 2 communal roof terraces which offer varying degrees of shade and views over the town to the High Atlas and Anti- Atlas mountains

The whole house also lends itself to use by groups thanks to the large commmunal areas. Decorated with modern and traditional tiling, mosaic floors, ornate plaster ceilings, Moroccan lanterns, rugs, fabrics and pottery and furnished with a mixture of wooden and wrought iron furniture, all hand-made in the local souk, the house is always kept spotlessly clean.

Renowned for good food, we offer generous and varied breakfasts, lunch (at home or a picnic) and evening meal as required. We understand how to cater for a wide range of dietary needs including vegetarian and vegan, for which we have been recognised See more events in this venue
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Meena Sidpra

Ayurveda has been a part of my life from very early days so I have grown up with it. My grandmother and mother taught me massage techniques!

I did all the things that young women do in their teens and 20s and even in those turbulent times, Ayurveda cosmetics and compounds has save my bacon many a time - my all time favourite is Rose water. I used it for everything - LITERALLY - and it is the one product that I would recommend time and time again to any client and to anyone who will listen!

Though I knew Ayurveda having grown up and practised it, I needed to get "formal qualifications in order to be able to practice in Europe. I formally trained with Deepa Apte in London and got all my paperwork in 2005/2006.
I am fully qualified as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and I am fully insured.

I also practice and teach Yoga - still going through my training paces wit Ruth White.

I am also a henna and glitter body artist! See more photos and other events by this presenter