Family HEART Camp

When: 28 Jun 2014 - 5 Jul 2014 (Sat - Sat, 7 nights)
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A.C.T. Retreat Center

A.C.T. Retreat and Event Center situated in the spectacular natural beauty of West Virginia.  Eco-Friendly Lodging, Camping, Cabin and Cottage rentals along a beautiful cascade and waterfall filled stream in the West Virginia Potomac Highlands; perfect for vacation getaways.  Group retreats and events welcome.  

Our event staff has helped to put on many events, and we can help if you don't know where to start.  Come see why once our customers have held their event here they always come back!  

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Holley Humphrey

Holley Humphrey, an NVC trainer certified by the global Center for Nonviolent Communication and originator of the Jackal and Giraffe Ears, joins us for her second year at FHC West Virginia. Here's what she would like you to know about her:

"It is my honor and privilege to be with you all in June to play, laugh, cry and grow together. I am immensely grateful to my mentor and friend, Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D for giving me a Life's passion and thirty years of learning and facilitating NVC, twenty-five of which as a certified trainer. I know I am blessed to have had so many years under his guidance. I feel much gratitude and excitement to be coming back for a second year. My needs for community, co-creation, joy, warmth and adventure are jumping up and down like a frog!

As a young person, I spent hours by myself in our Connecticut woods, daydreaming while lying hidden in tall field grasses and watching clouds make shapes, reading in the branches of specially shaped trees, making forts under pine trees or blazing new trails with my compass.This early connection with Nature and my years as an elementary school teacher, is why I have such an imagination and feel such joy to be with kindred spirits who want to play, learn and do inner work. I have turned this curiosity and imagination into creating NVC games that help folks practice, integrate and personalize NVC skills, while laughing, running, drawing, cooking, singing, swimming, or whatever…

I have also had the profound experience of working with individuals and couples in what we lovingly term, "Fishbowls." Someone comes with an important issue and asks for a Fishbowl. Anyone interested will join us with a willingness to add their focused, silent Presence in a bowl around us while we have an Empathy Session in the middle as the "Fish." This conscious holding of love and acceptance so often brings a significant transformation for the "Fish" person and magically seems to offer insight and even healing to the people holding the "Bowl".

For me, this is Sacred NVC in action, available through profound, deep empathy. Together we create a trust big enough to let our vulnerable selves be seen and consciously embraced in unconditional love. Within this safety orb there can be amazing transforming, shifting, reframing… whatever you want to call it. I call it Life Energy helping people to unhook from old pain, limiting beliefs, self-judgements or whatever is holding them back from aligning in harmony with their Essential Self. We can do one a day. Would you like to play with me at this level?" See more photos and other events by this presenter

Joshua Hathaway

Joshua Hathaway is a dedicated father devoted to the "ordinary awakening" that is taking place all over the planet as we remember our wholeness, interdependence and divine purpose. A 2005 graduate of the BayNVC North American Leadership Program and a 2008 Master's Graduate in Holistic Counseling, Joshua has a passion for connecting with youth of all ages. He has been doing so as a teacher, mentor, and coach/counselor for over fifteen years, and is currently pioneering ecotherapy approaches with youth and families and growing his private practice in Santa Cruz, CA. Joshua's commitment to transformation, enchantment with nature, and infectious love of play have served him well in his ten years of NVC/Family HEART Camp youth program leadership. In this setting his needs for connection and community, fun, living interdependence, creativity, and "hamming it up" have been met with abundance. Joshua is eager to play with a new group of compassionate pioneers in that field out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing very soon! See more photos and other events by this presenter

Gregory Rouillard

Gregory Rouillard envisions a world where people live, work, and play in nurturing communities, moving together in connection toward achieving effective outcomes. He sees Family HEART Camp as an expression of the possibilities that are present when small groups of people gather to co-create the conditions for meaningful community.

Gregory is a founding organizer and the current Director of Family HEART Camp, and a ten-time staff member for FHC in Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado and Wisconsin. He lives with his family in a cohousing community near Boulder, Colorado and is a graduate of the Master of Divinity program at Naropa University. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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