Freedom & Flow Meditation Retreat

When: 22 Apr 2017 - 3 May 2017 (Sat - Wed, 11 nights)
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Tao de Libertad

Create Freedom & Flow 12 days on a tropical island, learning meditation & Qigong from a Kung Fu Master If you are looking for an experience that will teach you how to create a feeling of peace, contentment and flow in your life, then we have created the perfect retreat for you. ONLY 1 RETREAT THIS YEAR Book now for 22nd April - 3rd May 2017! Imagine if you could... • Experience Flow & Purpose in everything that you do • Experience a deep and profound connection with yourself • Put an end to stress, negative emotions and anxiety • Have a strong immune system, lasting sexuality and vitality • Have positive relationships and improved communication We invite you to begin your journey of self-discovery and learn the tools to become your own master and healer.

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Nathan Head

Nathan is a master of Kung Fu with over 28 years in the martial arts, a Qi Gong and meditation Instructor with over 12 years experience, a Circular Strength Training instructor, a Yoga practitioner for over 14 years and Creator of the Flow State Program, Fit4Surf and Founder of Head Academy Kung Fu. He has been able to combine his passions into a program to bring better health, performance and improved abilities to people all over the world.

His depth of knowledge in so many different, but complimenting disciplines puts him far above the norm in regards to being able to deliver programs and techniques that bring a harmonious balance to a person's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.

Head Academy Kung Fu Has 5 Locations, teaching over 1000 students. Nathan is practiced in the martial arts for over 28 years, starting with the Japanese art of Judo in my early Teens. Over 16 years ago he started training in Kung Fu and has done so ever since. It forms the base for all of his knowledge on the physical body, movement and traditional chinese medicine meridian and tendon theory.

He has studied and practiced Qigong for 16 years but It wasn’t until he was given a copy of Master Chia’s “Awaken Healing Light” that he started to delve into the spiritual and energy work practices of the Tao.

He's been practicing the UHT system now for 12 years and attribute these practices to getting him through some of the most difficult personal and emotional times of his life. The practices have also allowed him to develop a greater connection with himself, allowing for personal development in ways that he could not have imagined possible.

It is for this reason that he has included the Universal Healing Tao System as an integral part of my philosophy for health and well being, and now enjoy passing these practices on to others so that they too may benefit.

Surfing and other physical pursuits such as Free Diving are also passions of his and I believe that through such physical pursuits we are able to experience flow while connecting with nature and all that it has to offer. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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12 days on a tropical island, learning meditation & Qigong Begin your journey of self-discovery and learn the tools to become your own master and healer!