30 Days Private Divine Body Online Program Ongoing Program

From 988 USD

Bali, Indonesia

2 Jul 2018 To 2 Jul 2028

Now often have you promised yourself to start a new healthy lifestyle? Now we offer this amazing opportunity.
Special OfferA Unique Journey of Purification Retreat in Bali 2018 9 Dec 2018 - 15 Dec 2018

From 1410 USD

Bali, Indonesia

9 Dec 2018 To 15 Dec 2018

Join us in a multi-dimensional retreat that combines traditional yoga-mudra, mantra, chanting, postures, pranayama and ancient Balinese self-healing.
Explore Balinese Healing Retreat 5 nights Ongoing Program

From 2225 USD/night

Bali, Indonesia

25 Sep 2017 To 25 Sep 2027

The Explore Balinese Healing Retreat offers an authentic Balinese spiritual and cultural experience.
Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat 3 nights Ongoing Program

From 1335 USD

Bali, Indonesia

13 Sep 2017 To 13 Sep 2027

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats - Rejuvenates the body, calms the mind and helps heal the spirit through a greater sense of awareness.
Tunjung Crystal's The Art of Letting Go 7 Days Retreat 20 Nov 2018 - 26 Nov 2018

From 1030 USD

Bali, Indonesia

20 Nov 2018 To 26 Nov 2018

Go into deeper, richer, and more challenging exercise to self-acceptance, learning forgiveness and surrender, and receiving healing energy from Tunjung.