Hudston Valley Fall Yoga Weekend (7% off)

When: 4 Nov 2016 - 6 Nov 2016 (Fri - Sun, 2 nights)
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Bria Tavakoli

Bria Tavakoli, came to yoga not to look good in yoga pants (yoga pants weren't even a thing back then). She came to yoga as a way to relieve stress and simply feel better inside. It worked, and years later, she took a teacher training to (what else?), "deepen her practice." A little over a month post-training, she was, ahem, "relieved of her duties" at her corporate day job. This was the Universe's proverbial kick in the (yoga?) pants to get her fully onto her true path: one of healing, connection, and light. That was back in 2008. She's been a full-time yoga teacher based in NYC ever since. In 2014, Bria spent several months in India. No, she didn't come back enlightened, but yes, she did a lot of healing and returned with many great stories. Bria's a native of Texas and also half-Persian (how's that for an interesting combo?) She loves to cook, read, hike (but only when she's wearing glitter eyeliner), and has an endless fascination with the way we show up on our yoga mats relates to the way we show up in life. See more photos and other events by this presenter