Ibiza Cleanse & Yoga Retreat

When: 25 Oct 2015 - 31 Oct 2015 (Sun - Sat, 6 nights)
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Hacienda Morna

Hacienda Morna is located in the islands mountainous interior, surrounded by beautiful pine trees and not far from the calm, crystal blue turquoise sea. See more events in this venue
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Carolyne Ji

Carolyne Ji

Naturopath Nutritionist, Bodywork Therapist & Co-founder of CALA Retreats

Carolyne is an integrative therapist with over a decade combined experience in bodywork therapy, yoga and naturopathy nutrition, specialising in detox and cleansing techniques. 

Detox is a must have tool for the 21st century. More so it's a healing tool for life that will leave you finding greater depths of overall health & better wellbeing in yourself. 

Carolyne has taken over 400 people through a detox. She has experience working at detox retreat centres in the UK, offering 1x1 bespoke detox programs, nutritional talks & workshops, nutritional consultation as well as running her own detox retreats in the past.

Greens are absolutely essential to life for its vitalizing  & cleansing properties. Carolyne drinks a delicious green juice every morning to kick-start her day in a green note. Green in Colour Healing is said to bring peace and harmony and the Green Chakra is the Heart Chakra in Indian Healing Science. Greens are amazing!

Carolyne leaves in Ibiza with her partner. When she is not involved with Cala Retreats tasks or inspiring people with her holistic work, you’ll find her practicing yoga, swimming and enjoying the natural beauty of Ibiza. 


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Laurie Richards

Laurie Richards
Nutritional Therapist and Co-founder of CALA Retreats

Laurie gained her DipCNM in Nutritional Therapy from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been practicing since 2012. Nutritional therapy encourages the use of whole and organic foods as medicine and addresses the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms, and accepts that given the right conditions the body has the capacity to heal itself. It is vital to approach each person individually as everyone’s requirements are different.

Nutritional therapy is key to addressing so many issues in life and a poor diet can manifest itself in so many negative ways including stress and fatigue. By educating clients to understand the cause of the problem she makes it her priority to set them on the path to better physical and mental health. Laurie has made it her passion to share her knowledge through 121 consultations and talks both in social groups and the corporate world , inspiring others to make the right food choices.

Having experienced first hand the positive effects that retreats have on your health and wellbeing, Laurie can attest that simply taking time out to focus on oneself is truly life-changing. Teaming up with Carolyne Ji to create CALA Retreats made perfect sense as they both have an invested interest in helping people to feel great about themselves.

Chocolate, anything over 70% she finds hard to resist, thank goodness the cacao bean is full full of magnesium and is great for the heart.. Which is why Cacao will always be included In the retreats. No one should go without it.
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