Ibiza: yoga on the magical island

When: 17 Sep 2016 - 23 Sep 2016 (Sat - Fri, 6 nights)
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Anna Paola Baroni

Anna grew up in Italy, very close to her uncle, Somadeva, a Yoga teacher of the Svami Gitananda Ashram. She still remembers herself doing sun salutations and some asanas as a very little child… sometimes on the beach, sometimes at home, and sometimes up in the mountains.

A classical ballet education from the Royal Academy of Dancing of London, and a physical education degree gave her the chance to start teaching jazz dance and stretching in a sports club during her studies in the United States. Other sports, as skiing, water-skiing, scuba diving are also part Anna’s life… and the interesting fact is that she’s always combined them with a Yoga practice.

About 10 years ago, her Yoga practice finally became part of her daily routine. She decided then to follow a BodyART education and became a BodyART instructor, a functional training inspired by Yoga. After that, Anna followed a Yoga education programme and became a certified Yoga teacher (2-year education programme: training in anatomy, yoga philosophy and spirituality, asana, pranayama, meditation). Recently she also took the certification of Aerial Yoga teacher (antigravity yoga) and Rocket Yoga teacher (based on Asthanga Yoga).

“I have the chance to share my knowledge and my passion teaching Yoga in Brussels, and organising some Yoga retreats around the world”, she says.

Anna’s Yoga style is a blend of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar and Yin Yoga.

“My signature is:
Connect to the nature, to everyone and everything around you, and discover that love flourishes into your life!

My inspiration is:
To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders – Lao Tzu” See more photos and other events by this presenter