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When: 1 Sep 2015 - 8 Sep 2015 (Tue - Tue, 7 nights)
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Nathalie Joel-Smith, Eye Heart Yoga

Nathalie's Yoga classes sweep you up on a journey that is nourishing & uplifting. Through the lens of mindful & graceful sequences, she guides you in movement to unravel tension & restriction, in turn discovering space & ease. From this place, strength & stability are cultivated.

Classes are created with an understanding of movement anatomy & tailored to meet the needs of physically, mentally & emotionally demanding lifestyles. Nathalie shares knowledge & wisdom in an accessible & relevant way with enthusiasm & passion that is infectious.

Originally coming to Yoga as a teenager with a bad back & anxious mind, over the past 17 years Nathalie has directly experienced the healing effects of Yoga, the awareness it cultivates & the resulting empowerment. This is reflected in her teaching style, as she guides others in the process of finding a harmonious & empowered home within themselves.

Nathalie loves creating meaningful Yoga experiences, getting to know the people she teaches & building community. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, whether you can stand on your head, or make the right shapes on a rectangular shaped object. It's about your relationship with yourself, others & the world at large. It is a way of moving through life from the inside out. Nathalie practices this on her Yoga mat, in her day to day life & in the way she teaches.

Teaching predominantly in London since January 2012, Nathalie set up 'Eye Heart Yoga' and has enjoyed a diverse range of experience, including teaching at Yoga studios, 'pop-up' classes at offices, Yoga for Actors & 1:1 sessions. She has set up a number of thriving classes in her local area & has pioneered 'Golden Yoga', a programme that brings daily yoga into the lives of people living & working in residential care homes. In 2014 Nathalie taught her first Yoga Retreat. It was a magical experience for all & she looks forward to guiding further retreats in the UK & abroad.

Nathalie has completed over 500 hours of teacher training. She qualified as a Yoga teacher under the expert guidance of international teacher Julie Martin of Brahmani Yoga, Goa, before completing a mentoring programme with London based Yoga Teacher Mollie McClelland Morris. In 2014 she was asked to join Mollie as an assistant on her teacher training programme, helping to train & mentor new Yoga teachers. Nathalie will soon embark on another 500 hours of training, this time in the Space & Flow Method with Raphan Kebe.

Journeying her way through the highs & lows of life, Nathalie remains wide eyed & humble to the process of learning & evolving. This humility & open heartedness is palpable in her classes. She skips down the street with happiness that so many students come back time & time again, ready & willing to cultivate more awareness & presence, to learn about themselves & the practice of Yoga. See more photos and other events by this presenter