Living Your Life Like It's Golden: Real Food + Soul Strength

When: 23 Jul 2015 - 26 Jul 2015 (Thu - Sun, 3 nights)
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Eastover Estate and Retreat

EASTOVER ESTATE & RETREAT is a residential holistic retreat center, dedicated to serving the greater holistic community, for the last 5 years it has been undergoing a complete renovation and is emerging as a facilitator of holistic workshops and retreats.  Centered around  an evocative Berkshire Summer Cottage with sun trenched café, juice bar, library, meeting rooms, porch, terrace, luxury bedrooms, Eastover is centrally located in the cultural hub of the Berkshires, and only minutes from Tanglewood, Kriplau, Shakespeare & Co. and dozens of other cultural venues, Eastover is an ideal location for teachers, groups, organizations and companies seeking retreat and training. Eastover offers spacious characteristic and historical workshop and program rooms with multiple meeting and studio facilities including well-equipped commercial kitchens ideal for all styles of cooking classes. There is a wide range of limited overnight accommodations preserving its intimacy to fit everyone’s budget, from rustic, to contemporary, to luxurious.

600 Acres of silence cradled by Houstonic River and October Mountain, Eastover is a mix of inviting lawns, courtyards, meadows, gardens, forests, woodland trails, and panoramic views of the Mt Greylock, the site creates a sense of expansiveness and a feeling of serenity where people can meet outside the bustle of everyday life. Eastover is unaffiliated with any specific spiritual tradition. Its eclectic open-hearted receptivity to a broad array of groups and teachers aims to support the continuing emergence of holistic and ecological ideas capable of renewing our culture and leading the way to a sustainable planet.

Tally Ho Entertainment/workshop Venue

Located just walking distance from the Mansion is our newly renovated, multi-purpose entertainment venue known as Tally Ho, an iconic gathering place loved for decades by people from the Berkshires and beyond. Tally Ho offers the largest indoor space in Berkshire County, with over 9,000 sq. ft. suitable

Looking forward to hosting your many successful workshops/retreats at Eastover.

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Cooking Diva Amy Jo Gengler

HEALTH STRATEGIST, FOOD NERD, INNOVATOR + BON VIVANT Prior to getting my acupuncture degree, I spent 22 years working in restaurants with extraordinary chefs who were consistently pushing culinary edges and inspiring people every day. Through my work, I share, collaborate, enlighten and illustrate components of a healthy lifestyle based on my extensive experience in healthcare, restorative diets, restaurant experience, merrymaking, horticulture, cooking, yoga, and meditation.

I support local, sustainable farms, and will help you find the best products available in your area. I will help you eat better and, thus, have more energy to tap into your greater potentials to enjoy your life more.

I work with people in all stages of health & illness, offering great food + lifestyle strategies that will enhance your vital energy, and help you feel more empowered about making the best choices. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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