Loveyogabum Retreat to the Turkish Coast with Sarah Kekus

When: 4 May 2015 - 11 May 2015 (Mon - Mon, 7 nights)
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Suleyman's Garden

Suleyman’s Garden is a very charming, small traditional farm with terraced vegetable fields, orchards and beautiful gardens, with stunning sea views.

The local owners grow all their own organic vegetables and fruit for the kitchen to make the truly delicious meals. It is the food as much as the location, which helped us to decide this was the place to bring our guests. Suleyman and his family, who cook, clean and garden, are very welcoming and helpful.

Staying at Suleyman’s Garden is very much like being a houseguest – it's a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, particularly welcoming for people holidaying on their own. There is also plenty of space to be by yourself and be quiet if you wish. See more events in this venue
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Sarah Kekus Aka The Health Architect

Flow Yogi, Nutritionalist, founder of The Health Architect

Sarah has been practicing yoga for many years but it was when she started to experience first-hand the therapeutic and sports performance benefits of yoga that she decided to train as a yoga teacher.
Initially Sarah qualified as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, but her love of dance and continual movement led her to subsequently developing “Strong Flow” yoga, an eclectic mix of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and core strengthening work. Sarah’s interest in developing classes to support athletes continues to grow; in 2013 she completed an intensive “Embodied Dancer Pro”, dance-specific yoga teacher training.
Sarah also regularly attends workshops by some of the world’s most inspirational yoga teachers including Matthew Sweeney, Kino Macgregor, Bee Bosnak and Claire Missingham and she is always endeavouring to bring the best of global yoga to Cumbria.
Sarah believes passionately in the benefits of personalised nutritional advice, but she also recognises the challenges of making lifestyle and dietary changes. With a background in climbing and fitness instruction as well as many years working in corporate environments, she is well-placed to offer motivational coaching and encouragement whilst also having a first-hand understanding of the role nutrition plays in both general health and sports performance.
More about Strong Flow Yoga

Strong flow yoga is based on the dynamic, high energy form of yoga called Ashtanga – a yoga system that focuses on aligning breathing with powerful postures to create a high energy workout. The sequences of postures are linked so they flow into one another, building strength and flexibility, whilst also keeping the body active.
Heat is created by the constant movement and this keeps the body working at an optimum level for fat burning meaning that these sessions can also help with weight loss. The classes rely on developing concentration through focussing on correct breathing and alignment in postures. Developing rhythmic breathing also helps with relaxation and stress reduction.
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Maudie Johnson

Yoga Teacher, masseuse, inspired chef

Having been on a spiritual journey from an early age Maudie discovered yoga as a natural progression from a regular pilates class she took while living in Buenos Aires. With a love for naturopathy and healing she trained as a holistic therapist in her early twenties. After a ski injury she used yoga to help her recovery from a ACL reconstruction. With a love for traveling she went to LA where she was introduced to Kundalini yoga by Harijiwan who was taught by Yogi Bhajan – the first yogi to bring Kundalini to the west. With a yoga training that followed on the beaches of Goa she connected with many beautiful souls. This is where she met her soul sister Chloe whom she went on to form Loveyogabum.
“I fell for yoga through the beauty of conscious movement which in itself is meditative and healing. Through the breath which initiates the movement we heal and nurture every aspect of our being leaving us feeling whole and balanced- what a great place to be! So not only do you get the perfect yogabum but you have the state of mind to enjoy it!”
Ashiyana Yoga School Raja Yoga Teacher, Accredited Yoga Alliance, Diploma in Holistic therapies including Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Anatomy and Physiology, See more photos and other events by this presenter

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