When: 24 Sep 2016 - 1 Oct 2016 (Sat - Sat, 7 nights)
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Erdinc Raim

Since my first yoga class in the local gym, I quickly picked up that there was more to yoga then just sweaty, awesome postures, but also a place to retreat to and listen to my inner callings. It was the start of a long sought journey of coming home.

For me yoga is a way of relating everything you know to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, it is a way of conveying the beauty of enlightenment. Enlightenment emerges when you find synchronicity in all that is, and you experience bliss, in the fusion of body, mind and spirit. It is a way of opening up to wisdom, help clearing the shades that cover our true vision, and in that sense, guiding you to explore your full potential. And it’s a super fun practice and celebration of life in its wholeness!

After five years of practice I decided to become a yoga teacher, studying with a lot of different teachers across the world. I completed a training in 2013, and have taught public and private classes ever since. Before becoming a fulltime yogi I was a physical therapist in a rehabilitation center, with neurological injuries as my biggest passion in this field. After working as a physical therapist for five years I decided to devote my time to teaching yoga, as I see this as my greatest passion and strenght. It is through yoga that I found a connection to wholeness in my life, and this I wish to convey.

What I hope my teachings convey is the knowledge about the physical body, which guides you through the different postures, with alignment and balanced action. I wish to inspire you to explore your inner being to inspire change, plant seeds of inner contemplation and awaken to your own embodied enlightenment. See more photos and other events by this presenter