Maui Embodied Spirituality Winter Retreat (8% off)

When: 13 Nov 2015 - 20 Nov 2015 (Fri - Fri, 7 nights)
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Maui Eco Retreat

We welcome you as your hosts. We are a couple that has lived on Hawaii since 1985 and our names are Kutira and Raphael.

We have been involved with this sacred land since 1988 when we first bought it. At that time, it was just a piece of jungle with no roads, no water, no electricity, mostly weeds and no support from the county. Up to this day, it remains secluded and “off the grid”. After more than twenty years and with great vision, perseverance and many volunteer students, we have created a place that brings its visitors happiness and joy, and awakens a much-needed awareness of cultivating sustainability.

We host conscious eco-travelers, as well as people from all over the world who come to study the art of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability with us. If you would like to find out more about our other activities as teachers, artists, and musicians, please click here. You may even be inspired to come back for a three-month internship program in exploring yourself and learning to live sustainably, where you are invited to stay with us and feel the spirit of the land and breathe in the “Aloha” of Hawaii.

We look forward to welcoming you and invite you to participate in the activities of our artistic spiritual community, or to simply be in your own quietness. We know you will have a fulfilling visit that nurtures your body and soul. The culture of Hawaii is rich, and the location you have chosen is in tune with the rhythm of the old ways.

We as your hosts are dedicated to making your stay a memorable experience. On behalf of all who are currently blessing us with their presence, we welcome you!


Family and Staff

and Mochi & Dawa our Tibetan Angels See more events in this venue
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Raphael Sharpe - Musician, Teacher, Psychic

Raphael has been called a creative genius and his music has powerfully influenced the body-mind healing upsurge in our world today. He weaves a universal sonic energetic resonance that takes the listener into their heart and far beyond to pure-source-energy.

As a boundary breaker Raphael composes from a space of deep meditation and silence.

Coming from a lineage of an honored psychic mother and a ragtime piano player father, he began composing classical concertos at the age of 13. Brought up by nuns and an American Indian healer called Chief Bushy Head, he went on to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he was soon performing professionally in dance companies, churches and symphony orchestras ~ as a choir director for Handel’s Messiah, as a rock ‘n roll band leader, a concert pianist, a ‘gypsy’ violinist, a juju drummer for an African dance company, among many other musical venues. Directing his church choir for many years and accompany musically the service was a highlight for Raphael and many church visitors. Truly a communion with the Divine.

From 1972 to 1984 Raphael was a leading part of the American New Age movement, creating new music with innovators such as Dr. John C. Lilly, Gabrielle Roth, Alan Cohen, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and many other well known healing and spiritual leaders that awakened the consciousness of oneness.

Known as a visionary musician with a deep commitment to service, he continues to touch and transform people’s lives.

His album “Music to Disappear In” is world renown and extensively played as a healing tool for Yoga, massage, guided meditations in hospitals and even rituals exploring life after death.

For over 35 years, Raphael has been easily and gently bringing people into higher and deeper states of awareness throughout the world in the form of private sessions either in person or with Skype. These sessions may include Intuitive Readings (time travel), Relationship counseling, (macrocosm communication), Transformational Music Lessons or Psychic readings set to Music,” If you were a piece of music, what would you sound like? Some people are a symphony, or a dance or a song or a simple flute piece.”

Together with his wife Kutira he has led many seminars, retreats and workshops on the art of relating (Tantra) and artistic expression. Raphael’s passion is his daily Qi Gong practice for over 20 years. For the past 45 years one of his dearest meditations is based on the I-Ching. He has a deep reverence for the ancient Taoist teachings.

Raphael’s music can be sampled and purchased on the Internet at:

He is presently preparing to release his latest creation called: “Life After Death”~ a musical journey. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Kutira Decosterd - Author, Teacher, Musician, and Artist

Kutira is an extraordinary woman, who brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to her audiences. She is a heart-centered spiritual leader, author, musician & artist. Kutira has won awards for her pioneering work in environmental sustainability. She is the co-founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute established in 1985. The institute is dedicated to personal and global transformation.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Kutira traveled to the East, where she apprenticed with many great masters beginning in the 1980’s. Meeting with Osho immersed her life into a deeper understanding of her being. This was to be the start of her mystical journey searching for deeper meaning and living life to its fullest potential.

In the West, Kutira studied transformational psychology. Using both Eastern and Western traditions enabled Kutira to work holistically with spirit/mind and body. Living in intentional communities has greatly influenced the way she designs her projects. She has been working Internationally with people for over 30 years. The essence of her teaching is presented through her work of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability- the Awakening of the Eco Soul.

Kutira lives with her husband Raphael, an Internationally recognized musician, in Hawaii/USA. They are co-creators of the Maui Eco Retreat, a sustainable organic paradise in Hawaii, where they offer a deepening of their transformational work and teachings. Their students come from all over the world to practice the art of sustainable living and visitors are welcomed for a beautiful vacation.

Kutira has been a mentor to many students and teachers. Her ability to empower women and organizations, supporting ecological education and innovation, has been globally acknowledged.

Kutira is an entertaining speaker and presenter, as well as an accomplished teacher and seminar leader. Her guided meditations and self-help tools are widely used and loved by her students. She enjoys sharing her expertise with entrepreneurs, the corporate world, non-profit organizations and people committed to making a difference in the world.

Kutira is well known as a ‘Master of Ritual’, creating sacred space for celebratory events and life passages. Studying with various Shamans opened her deep understanding of our interconnectedness to Oneness Consciousness.

There is a certain “specialness” when she officiates weddings, land blessings, rituals, concerts and more. She has a natural talent for bringing a mature love into a ceremony that everybody can relax in.

She has been a student of Kumuhula Auli’i Mitchell, learning ancient Hawaiian music, chants, dance, and arts.

Her Sacred journeys to Bhutan and Bali empower and celebrate the divine feminine spirit. Her involvement with Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan has inspired her in supporting the Nuns of Bhutan and in bringing the sacred teachings to establish a direct lineage of women to women through difficult lifetimes. As a nurturer of the earth, she calls herself an “environmental spiritual activist”. She is passionately involved in supporting green buildings and the expansion of sustainability in America and Asia. She is a board adviser for the Himalayan Alliance for a Clean and Sustainable Environment in Nepal, a Green Dragon Protector of Bhutan and a founding member of Bamboo Technology.

Kutira embodies and teaches the Divine Feminine, this wisdom is important at this time and belongs to both men and women. Meeting with this remarkable women will awaken your Eco Soul.

“The Eco Soul remembers we are all one, interconnected to the web of life, honoring this precious planet we all share.” Kutira See more photos and other events by this presenter