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When: 28 Dec 2016 - 2 Jan 2017 (Wed - Mon, 5 nights)
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Suryalila Retreat Centre

Deepen your practice & expand your mind in the bucolic Spanish countryside. We offer daily yoga classes, meditation, yoga teacher trainings, and ongoing retreats with internationally renowned yoga teachers.

Suryalila is a beautiful old renovated olive farm consisting of eight houses that form the cortijo. In typical Spanish style there are two inner courtyards, one of which blooms with orange and lemon trees.

The property sits on 45 acres of land and is still a working olive farm with 350 olive trees. We also grow organic vegetables and fruits and keep chickens for eggs. Suryalila is nestled serenely in a large open valley in the foothills of the Sierra de Grazelema. This majestic mountain range can be seen looming large on the horizon behind Suryalila. A striking part of the natural beauty of the property is the breathtaking vista extending in all directions: rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, and lakes. The sense of vastness and expansiveness is very uplifting.

Suryalila is a composite of two Sanskrit words. Surya refers to the ancient sun god and lila means cosmic play (of the gods). Together the words mean “Cosmic Play of the Sun”. Suryalila is a fabulous yoga retreat centre located on the site of an ancient olive oil factory in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. The renovated Spanish Pension and olive plantation overlook rolling hills covered in shimmering fields of wheat and golden sunflowers. We offer a wide variety of accommodations, to suit all budgets, from glamping in the olive grove, to deluxe double rooms with private bathrooms. Come experience the unparallelled magic of Suryalila!

At Suryalila Retreat Centre, we provide different levels of accommodation to suit every budget. From glamping in the olive grove to relaxing in the luxury of our deluxe doubles, we will make sure you have the experience of a lifetime! Our accommodation packages are all inclusive, which means that whether you are sleeping in a dorm or in our most deluxe suite, you will enjoy three gourmet vegetarian buffet-style meals per day and have full access to all of our beautiful common areas and facilities.

At Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre, we endeavor to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We offer two of the most beautiful and spacious Yoga halls in Europe, a dedicated massage room with skilled massage therapists, and many gorgeous communal spaces like the pool, dining and living areas to just relax and hang out in. Our Yoga retreat facilities also include WiFi, office supplies and anything else you might need during your stay.

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Morgan Palmer Hubbard

I came to yoga at 19 to help deal with a profound scoliosis that had progressed undiagnosed for some years and was starting to cause me considerable back pain. I eventually underwent major spinal fusion surgery that, while traumatic and involving a lengthy rehabilitation process, gave me a new lease on life and led to me developing a committed yoga practice and learning deeply about my own wellness and healing process.

I never thought I would teach yoga, especially in my initial years of practice as I worked with some very strong physical limitations. I spent many, many hours doing very basic postures and exercises just to regain a semblance of internal balance and peace. However as the years went on and my practice developed, I continued to gain a lot from yoga, as I started to study further and learn more about the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of this tradition and practice that was transforming me positively from within. I did an intensive teacher training program at the Sivananda ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, and then on moving to Barcelona 5 years ago began teaching and doing further study to develop my practice, understanding and ability to teach more dynamic vinyasa yoga styles. Here I co-founded the Yogaroom Barcelona and Yoga Lab · Ateneu studios.

I now teach a flowing, dynamic form of yoga practice very influenced by the work of a teacher called Simon Borg-Olivier and the Yoga Synergy school, which teaches “traditional yoga for the modern body” – a blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan yogas, and Western physiotherapy, aimed at making yoga practice safer and more effective for modern practitioners by recognising that due to lifestyle and conditioning, the bodies of modern urban people are in some ways very different to the bodies that many traditional yoga practices were created for. This has provided a strong framework to integrate my own experience with many different yoga practices, internal martial arts, bodywork modalities, and healing and rehabilitation. I am deeply grateful to all who have been my teachers on this path so far.

Having come from needing such slow, careful development of my body and practice, it makes no sense to me that so many yoga practitioners in the West are now facing degenerative problems in their knees, lower backs and shoulders through repetitive strain and biomechanically inappropriate practices; first and foremost our practice should do no harm, and then the ground is set for the yoga practice to profoundly support, enrich and enliven every level of our being. Understanding the specific needs of modern people and the physiological impacts of different actions can help us achieve this goal.

My classes are aimed at this – creating an internally nourishing practice that is accessible, safe, fluid yet challenging, and energising afterwards. Through mobilizing our spine, learning to work actively in and out of postures, cultivating a relaxed and regenerating state in the body, and focusing the mind, we can guide and support the development of our whole being. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Carlota Amargós Rubió

I discovered Yoga 7 years ago while living in London. As a full-time music student in the big city my life was sedentary and stressful – hours and hours practicing my instrument, the violin, with very demanding programs and teachers in a highly competitive environment, surviving with little money, but most of all, living an unhealthy lifestyle. The long hours of practicing the violin were starting to manifest in back pain and the complete lack of physical activity, together with an awful diet, started creating signs that I had to start taking care of myself.

In spite of my scepticism, I decided to try yoga on the recommendation of a friend. And that first yoga class was like a revelation to me. I remember feeling the limitations of my body and understanding that that wasn’t how human bodies should feel. While observing and admiring the amazing control of the body and breath of the person next to me, I realized that this would be the practice that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

In 2008 I moved to Michigan, USA, to continue my music studies and there I connected with the Yoga State community, where I studied vinyasa yoga with Jen Hayes, Christopher Venetis and Justin Barnes. As I was getting more into the practice I started to notice how yoga was affecting every aspect of my life – I was feeling better with my body, with myself and in my relationship with others, I was eating better, I gained confidence with music and with my own playing, and, in one word, I was happier. During my visits to Barcelona, my hometown, I studied and practiced with Amelie Strecker, who always motivated me to continue the work and deepen into my practice.

Yoga, like life, is a continuous flow, and it is when we stop this flow that the problems start to arise. In 2013 I decided to take the Teacher Training in Yogaroom Barcelona, and since then I combine teaching yoga with my music career. My classes are dynamic and energizing, finding challenge but in a conscious way, respecting the body’s needs. Emphasising the coordination of movement and breath, we look for a constant flowing movement that turns into a moving meditation. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Malwina Ostrowska

My first experience of yoga practice was in Poland, in an Iyengar yoga class. Later I studied Graphic Design in Ireland and during the last year of the course I started practicing hatha-vinyasa yoga. The same year I began practicing meditation and studying Buddhist philosophy with a curiosity to deepen my inner exploration.

My first contact with Barcelona was practicing vipassana in Dharma Neru, where I found a healthy rhythm that brought me once again to yoga classes. Since then I have practiced with Angelo Cecchi (hatha-vinyasa & Iyengar) and Tiago Rocha (hatha-vinyasa & AcroYoga). Learning continues to be important to me and I completed my teacher training in hatha-vinyasa yoga in 2013.

In my classes we work with body awareness and through it our inner strength. Postures are interconnected in a fluid way, without losing detail. I always seek to transmit my way of feeling in yoga, integrating different techniques to enrich the practice for all.

“Without error, without doubt, this is the dharma” Zen Koan See more photos and other events by this presenter

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