Panchakarma (Detoxification) Retreats – Classic (14 days)

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The Aranya Centre for Ayurvedic Learning and Healing

The Aranya Center is like a ‘modern ashram’ where you can immerse yourself in healthy living and emerge rejuvenated. We are dedicated to the ideals of nurturing life and learning to heal oneself and others, because we believe the power of healing is within you. Rooted in the Hindu tradition of Unity and mutual interdependence, the sages of India discovered remedies through observation over five millenia at least which very much invoved the nature that surrounds us. Aranya or sacred forest is fortunate to be in the wonderful surroudnings of a millenial old forest where the dense vegetation provides a wonderful setting for our treatments and your practise.

At the Aranya Center our permanent Panchakarma center welcomes you for residential stays for Panchakarma treatments which can go from 5 days to well over a month. You can follow this up with in depth treatment options if required. We also conduct 4 day and 10 day workshops and residential retreats aimed at learning to live a healthy life based on Ayurvedic priciples, with details and dates on this site. See more events in this venue
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Dr Aruna Vishwanathan

Retreat Director

Dr. Aruna Viswanathan M.B.B.S.,M.S.,F.A.G.E. is among the top integrative health practitioners in India. She comes from a family of physicians and has her own flagship hospital in Coimbatore India. Shehas contributed greatly to bringing newer innovative integrative treatments in her work as head of the Department of Integrative & Holistic Medicine and as the Medical Advisor of Organic India. She currently lives in Goa and practises at The Aranya Center.

Dr. Aruna is an internationally renowned Surgeon and Holistic health expert and has treated patients from all over the world. Besides India she has trained and worked at Stanford University, U.C.S.F.., in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and in France. She is sought after as a rare medical expert who has experience across disciplines from modern medicine to integrative medicine for treating patients and offering new science beyond commercial mainstream medicine where it can save a life. She offers a perfect amalgamation of advanced cutting edge medicine and ancient Ayurveda, natural medicine and as a sacred science handed down to us by our ancestors. She has been closely associated with patients including heads of nations and spiritual masters in highly successful treatments of complicated conditions and cancers. She has challenged the limitations of conventional medicine with innovative solutions.

Her research work in several areas of medicine has culminated in her treatment protocols. She has been using innovative treatment options since many years and has a huge clientele of successful patients worldwide treated with them. She personally had a life changing experience with ayurvedic herbs. She has taken people on this profound journey of spontaneous transformative medicine where they are cured of illnesses which apparently had no treatments.

Currently she is also the founder trustee of WAG - Welfare for animals in Goa, Karuna Organic Farm and Trust, Dr.P.G.V. charitable trust and School, Integral Ear Institute. She has been involved in not only medical causes but also environmental and animal welfare causes with an emphasis on cows. At Vikram Hospital cochlear implants are being done completely free for any child born deaf in the state so they can hear and speak normally. Her charitable school has about 1000 students catering to tribal, rural and children with disabilities.

She has been treating patients from across the world with amazing new integrative options which is the future of medicine. She has been the only Indian doctor to be invited to forums like the Uplift in Australia along with Dr.Vandana Shiva to speak on this new emerging inclusive medicine in India which engages with multiple systems at the same time to give the best possible outcome. See more photos and other events by this presenter
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