Raw, Hot, Summer Retreat

When: 16 Jul 2014 - 20 Jul 2014 (Wed - Sun, 4 nights)
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Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa Conference Center

Many come here for the curative powers of the healing water, others for the clean peaceful energy that seems to permeate the area. One can sense joyful vibrations here, thus: Joyful Journey Hot Springs. We invite you to come and experience this wonderful sacred area sheltered beneath the towering Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Come and care for yourself with gentle massage and body therapies and rejuvenate in our soaking pools.

Our Hot Springs Spa offers a wide variety of Spa Treatments including therapeutic and deep tissue massage, raindrop and hot stone therapy, aromatic facials, natural body wraps, reflexology treatments and more.

Our hot springs water is 100% artesian mineral water which comes out of the ground at over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Our pools are gravity fed and naturally kept at temperatures between 98 and 110 degrees.

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Una Viggiani

Art is an expression of the body, mind and heart. Using kindergarten art techniques, Sacred Art from the Heart allows individuals to tap into their creativity without being intimidated by skill or craft. When we are given the freedom to express in color, shape, and form, without an expectation of the final outcome, creation becomes a meditation. This creation meditation opens channel to the subconscious and emotional realms where you can dive into the depths of your heart. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Adena Shepherd

Adena Shepherd is the owner of Infinite Prana, a Neurosculpting® facilitator, and a Access Conciousness coach who also utilizing the practices of A Course of Miracles and The Way of Mastery. Adena received her training at the Neurosculpting® institute in Boulder CO, www.neurosculptinginstitue.com. Via Lisa Wimberger herself. After taking these classes for her own personal growth, and witnessing all the change in her life, she felt called to offer this to the world, because it’s accessible, fun, easy and empowering. Adena has a background in Business, Coaching, Fire Fighting, Neurosculpting®, Access Conciousness and Nutrition.

As a Neurosculpting® facilitator, Adena was trained to hold space for each individuals’ process, which is uniquely empowering to each experience. She assists you with powerful practices to help rewire thought patterns and even emotional patterns that may be limiting. No meditation experience necessary. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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