Sacred Diva – Aphrodite's Call-Women Retreat in Cyprus (15% off)

When: 9 Jul 2016 - 15 Jul 2016 (Sat - Fri, 6 nights)
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Aphrodite Beach Hotel Cyprus

Aphrodite Beach Hotel it is a small family owned hotel, located 500 m from the most beautiful and serene place in Cyprus, the Akamas Peninsula National Park, in the North West of Cyprus and about 40 kms from Paphos. You can enjoy the long remote beach, as we are the last hotel before the Akamas Natural Park.

The Aphrodite Beach Hotel is the ideal location for people looking for a warm and peaceful place where it is all about the guests and a treat for their souls and hearts.
The surrounding nature is a big part of the food for souls as it is very pure. It is a place where the clear turquoise sea, meets the strong energy of the hills and the rocks of the Akamas National Park.
The uniqueness of the Akamas is due not only to the indisputable charm of the natural landscape, perfect for walks, bicycle rides, bird- watching, flora, painting, but also to its cultural and mythological wealth.

The small fishermen harbour of Latchi it is situated only 3 kms away from the hotel. Latsi/Latchi with its coastal boardwalk is the picturesque harbour of Polis, known throughout Cyprus for its fresh fish. In the past it served as a small port for shipping carobs. The old stone carob warehouses have been converted into restaurants, fish taverns and places for recreation.
From Latsi, you can go on short cruises to the Akamas, bathe in the Blue Lagoon and admire the sea caves and all the nature has to offer, from the sea.

At Aphrodite beach Hotel you will get the best of the well known Mediterranean hospitality from the hearts of all the staff working here and the best of pure sea and nature. See more events in this venue
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Salica Geiger

About  Salica:


My passion is to support people to find themselves. I can see the beauty and divine in everybody. I want you to see yourself also like this. I want you to be happy!

I see your special potential and when you are ready for it, I will open the doors for your hidden soul sources. You will start to walk straight to it and so you will regain your power.

I am sure, that everyone came with a great gift and a task into this life. I can help you to realize, what is yours. Encountering me means encountering you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Soul Coach & Spiritual Teacher & Visionary



My Vision:

The day will come, when everybody took his own place in life. Then, divine peace will reign on Earth. Mankind will live in harmony with nature and animals.


“Your place” means, that you found yourself, your life task and you practice it in daily life. If you found your own place you will have no need to be jealous of what your neighbour has got, because you are very satisfied and happy with your place. There is no need for wars anymore, because we see the divine in every being.


I believe, that YOU can make the difference in the world.

Imagine:  you expand your love and light EVERY day, you work on your INNER PEACE, you SMILE to the man on the street, you HELP somebody in need, you STOP violence in every part of your life – in words, your way of thinking, how you treat yourself, thinking about and starting to become vegan, you recognize in every being the DIVINE LIGHT… – YOU ARE the difference and shifting your own consciousness helps all the planet to shift consciousness. So start NOW to BE the difference! I can see the sparkling in your eyes.



Biography and Trainings:

In 2007 Salica moved from Germany to Crete, following the call of her soul to live and to serve at her power place on Earth. In Iraklio/Crete she founded the “Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio” – a place for all people who are looking for peace, transformation and support to find themselves.

Salica`s abilities are the result of her natural gift and many years of training and working experiences in different cultures (Germany, France, Bulgaria, USA and Greece) with people from all over the world.

Her work is based on universal LOVE, the transformation power of FIRE and the purity and divine energy of SALT.


2013      „The Healing School of Salica“ Foundation

2013      Spiritual Master

2011       Spiritual Surgery

2009     Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio/Crete Foundation


2008     Trainer for Landscape and Town Healing

2006     Trainer for Lightsalt Healer

2004     “Salica Lichtsalze” (Salica Lightsalts) Foundation of energized saltproducts

2004     Spiritual Teacher

2004     Trainer of the seminar: “The Path into Light”

2004     Past Life Work, Aura- and Chakratherapy

2003     The 9 Master Schools of Feng Shui

2003     Gauri Gatha: Systemic Therapy

2002     Alpha Chi Consultant – Energy Feng Shui

2000     Classic Feng Shui


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Golden Age Seminars

We initiate the future with leadership retreats,
empowering women gatherings in sacred places
and deep transformative seminars.
A special focus of us is teaching THE new healing method
of the Golden Age: SALT HEALING!

The new spirituality doesn't want us to isolate our souls in monasteries, detach ourselves from the world or take vows that will shut our lives from pleasure and abundant living. Instead, it invites us to commune with the divine within us, while we connect and spend time with other people.  We create a sacred space for this to happen where people can experience light while they are being loved. We are witnesses of one another and we support each other with loads of  love and openness in this path of transformation and awakening.

We are here to Love, be Loved and healed by the Love.


We provide awareness shifting seminars which support you to step with joy, peace, love and power into the Golden Age. In our retreats we kindly ask you to follow a vegan diet to support the energy changes in a best way.

We want to rise awareness, love and compassion in all spheres of life.
Also you will find in many of our retreats yoga practice. We think that it is a wonderful and necessary way to bring a new energy flow to the body.

Our purpose is to help everybody to find their place in life  – which means Peace on Earth. 

The Golden Age

We are at the beginning of a new era on Earth – the Golden Age.

Still, we are in the transition process and there is a lot of transformation, polarity and darkness showing up.

This is normal as everything becomes more apparent if the light becomes stronger.

At the same, time many people are experiencing a shift in their consciousness and feel increasing unconditional love, compassion and unity.

It is a huge transition process, extensive and significant with important changes, time is speeding up, leading to the arising of awareness in people who wake up and remember again who they are. It is a blessing to be on Earth at the moment. Even if it is for many of us very challenging – never before it was possible to take such big steps in such a very short period of time.


We want to spread love and light also to those who are in genuine need and not able to change their situation by themselves. Together we can move the world easier than alone. Money has to flow and to bring blessings to the world. Compassion is a good master to increase the love energy in the world.

Be compassionate – first with yourself.

To give is to receive.

I am You.

Our donations will mainly flow to organisations for those who are dependent – children and animals.

Be happy to be on Earth!

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