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Ashram Yoga Divine Center

The objective of Ashram Yoga Divine Center is to receive those seekers of Truth that wish to be close to Satyavan. It is a place where seekers can deepen their spiritual practice, and so surrender completely to the Source, look for the dissolution of everything that you are not, and achieve the Supreme Realization, discover who/what you really are. 

The process of spiritual awakening is a process of purification, and the practice of Seva is key in this process. Seva is selfless and devotional service. Selfless, because one takes others' interest more importantly than own interests. Selfless service purifies the heart and cleans the mind. Seva makes your heart larger, generous, full of universal love. With Seva you can look for real humility. Seva is a path to Realization. 

However, for a service to be really Seva, besides selfless, must also be devotional. Devotion (an important and frequently underestimated factor) transforms every action in an act of love and donation to something much greater than oneself. Devotion allows for the total surrender to the Source, to the Guru, thus he represents the Guiding Light, a mirror that reflects the internal guru that each of us has deep inside. 

The Ashram is a place for the seeker to become totally vulnerable and surrender completely to Satyavan, putting one's own energy at complete disposal of the Guru mission and higher purposes. This proximity, and the emptying of personal interests allow for Satyavan to create the adequate conditions to awaken the dormant spiritual force of the seeker. Seekers of Truth will have access to the Source, since the Guru is the Source -- until the point when the seeker finds his own internal guru, and then he is able to be his own Source...

Whoever comes for Seva in the Ashram, comes to serve, to donate, to surrender, to be close to Satyavan, because his heart already knows that this proximity will allow for the spiritual journey to intensify. Whoever stays doing Seva in the Ashram Yoga Divine Center, is because has developed a deep affinity with Satyavan, and so is able to reach the dedication and surrender necessary to the process. 

Here in the AYDC, seekers of Truth engaged in a serious spiritual practice find an adequate environment to deepen the journey: modest facilities, simple and nutritious food, activities and routine that favor silence and introspection. A simple life serving the higher purpose of seeking for Realization, Truth, Plenitude, Freedom.

If you feel in your heart the desire to practice Seva and to be close to Satyavan, we are at your disposal, feel free to contact us.

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For the sincere seekers of Truth, Satyavan is the reference of the Path. A Self-Realized Being, that helps Seekers in to the Realization of Truth. His words are precious for the soul, and have the power to crush all beliefs and ideas that feed our fears. And when He doesn’t speak, His silence is even more revealing: an overflow of love, purity, kindness, serenity.He gives the biggest treasure to the seekers, just depending on each one to be open to receive. To Be in his presence is a blessing for those who are thirsty for understanding. To be with Satyavan is to be closer to Truth. See more photos and other events by this presenter
Shared room 40 USD
Shared room and bathroom
Individual room 60 USD
Individual room

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