Shamanism Hawaii: 10-Nite Shamanic "Life Purpose" Awakening

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Shaman Elder, Chief Jack 'Golden Feather' - Hawaii, USA

Jack ‘Golden Feather’ was born into his shamanic calling. He came into the world seeing auras and vividly recalling his eternal, heavenly existence in a place he calls "Home World." After ignoring these pre-natal remembrances for several decades, he revisited Home World in 1976 when he was pronounced DOA at the emergency room following a motorcycle accident. In that episode, he remained out of body for nearly 3 hours, which -- according to Carl Sagan's formula from his own near death experience -- put Jack on "the other side" for 155 healthful years.

In 1992, Chief White feather sent his granddaughter to a Nevada truck stop to await a man of "big power,” who would be passing through. On the second day that White Feather's granddaughter was at the truck stop, Jack stopped in on this way to Las Vegas.

The granddaughter approached him. “Follow me,” she said, “My grandfather is waiting for you.”

After six weeks of living amongst the tribe, Jack came off the reservation, where he had been trained in the Lakota tradition by Chief White Feather and his wife Crawling Bear Claw and had been initiated into shamanism by them. It was White Feather and Crawling Bear Claw who gave Jack the name “One of Many Golden Feathers,” a name he later shortened to “Golden Feather.”

Since establishing themselves in Hawaii in 2013, ‘Golden Feather’ and his life partner, Dr. ZZ, PhD, have dedicated their home and acreage at Muaisa Hale Pule (“As I Aum” Sanctuary) as an official lodge and Chapter of New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC). There, at 19.5 degrees North latitude, sitting directly atop one of the world's 10 major vortices, they offer spiritually-focused lodging while ‘Golden Feather’ applies his inherent gifts of Raven, Eagle and Serpent Medicine to assist people in reclaiming their empowerment. These medicines give 'Golden Feather' a rare and unusual ability to uncover hidden forces that move deeply within us and to transmute physical, mental, emotional and spiritual poisons in both himself and others.

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10-Night Shamanic Life Purpose Program with Private Single Room and En Suite Bath
Return to "living your making." Refresh, recharge and revitalize your energy levels in your own, comfortable private room with double bed, en suite bath with private shower,separate deck and entrance, and private circular driveway for parking. You will also have unlimited free WIFI, an in-room mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave oven, and an elevation, ocean sunset view. For amenities over and above those offered in-room, you also have unlimited access to our outdoor group kitchen replete with standard size fridge and freezer, gas range, washer/dryer, propane-burning barbecue grill and covered dining/picnic area. Purified spring water hot tubs, Hawaiian, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, kayaks rentals, a convenience store and a 5-star bistro are just a ½ mile walk down hill. Cafes, guided tours, 2 post offices, several banks, groceries, a McDonald’s and the Sunday farmer’s market are all within 1.5 miles in either direction. All accommodations are located in our private, upcountry, "comfortably rustic," cedarwood home filled with original artworks and no televisions. For the health and enjoyment of everyone on property, we ask that – throughout the duration of your stay with us -- you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and use of recreational drugs both on- and off-premises, and that you bring your own "ear buds" if you wish to listen to music, speaker phones, DVDs or any other electronic sound while here.
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