Special OfferMeditation, Spiritual and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh Ongoing Program

From 500 USD

Uttarakhand, India

9 Dec 2017 To 9 Dec 2027

Connet with us for Meditation, Mindfulness, Personal and Relationship Retreat. We make your brain and mind acquainted with what is meditation.
International Tantra Festival Rishikesh Ongoing Program

From 499 USD/night

Uttarakhand, India

5 Mar 2018 To 5 Mar 2028

first time Ever in Rishikesh we are celebrating Tantra festival at holy land of Rishikesh. we are representing Traditional Tantra teaching to the world.
Health and Wellness Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India Ongoing Program

From 40 USD/night

Uttarakhand, India

4 Sep 2014 To 4 Sep 2024

Have you been having a difficult time finding meaning in your everyday life? Tired of your job, your environment, and the constant demands of your lifestyle?