Special OfferRetreat Parikrama: Dwadash Madhav Parikrama 14 Nov 2017 - 18 Nov 2017

From 450 USD

Uttar Pradesh, India

14 Nov 2017 To 18 Nov 2017

Experience divine blessings at Dwadash Madhav Parikrama Tirthraj Prayag. Nullify sins & witness rise of punya. Come with questions, go with answers.
Tantra Transcendence – 10 days Retreat 6 Sep 2017 - 16 Sep 2017

From 946 USD

Uttarakhand, India

6 Sep 2017 To 16 Sep 2017

A beautiful gathering happening at Rishis International to transform and heal our energies. You are invited with partners or alone to this sacred journey!
Health and Wellness Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India Ongoing Program

From 40 USD/night

Uttarakhand, India

4 Sep 2014 To 4 Sep 2024

Have you been having a difficult time finding meaning in your everyday life? Tired of your job, your environment, and the constant demands of your lifestyle?