Taichi Alchemy – Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original Postures 20 Jul 2018 - 22 Jul 2018

From 210 USD

Massachusetts, United States

20 Jul 2018 To 22 Jul 2018

This is a short yet powerful taiji form valuable to experienced practitioners who wish to take their practice to another level, and to beginners as well.
Ongoing Program

California, United States

28 Aug 2014 To 28 Aug 2024

Nyingma Institute staff, faculty, and residents are volunteers. Many of them have been full-time volunteers for many years, devoting their time and talents to
Ongoing Program

California, United States

28 Aug 2014 To 28 Aug 2024

This program is designed for those who wish to explore meditation and develop or maintain their spiritual practices in a setting that nurtures the spirit and
The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds & Vibrations w/Qigong 16 Aug 2018 - 19 Aug 2018

From 295 USD

Massachusetts, United States

16 Aug 2018 To 19 Aug 2018

In Magnetic Harmonic Vibrational Therapy, Jay uses sounds/frequencies together with Parthonic/Mind energies to establish harmony w/our subtle energy fields.
Fall Colors Yoga & Meditation Retreat 20 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2018

From 250 USD

Illinois, United States

20 Oct 2018 To 21 Oct 2018

Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat at the Port for Prayer in Frankfort, IL with Kali Om. 50 acres of woods and a sacred labyrinth 35 miles southwest of Chicago.
Special Offer 26 Oct 2018 - 28 Oct 2018

From 1549 USD

North Carolina, United States

26 Oct 2018 To 28 Oct 2018

Come join us for three days of self adventure and connection in Asheville, North Carolina. Adventure back to you.
Sedona Sacred Journeys - Sedona Spiritual Retreat Ongoing Program

From 1000 USD/night

Arizona, United States

14 Jul 2018 To 14 Jul 2028

Spiritual Retreats customized to your mission, budget and schedule. For individuals, couples and groups.
4-day, 5-star Hypnotherapy and Yoga Retreat in Joshua Tree 8 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018

From 695 USD

California, United States

8 Nov 2018 To 11 Nov 2018

Go on a journey deeper into yourself through hypnotherapy, yoga, sound baths, breathwork, hikes, plant-based meals, and nature.
Maui Relationship Retreat Ongoing Program

From 175 USD/night

Hawaii, United States

22 May 2015 To 22 May 2025

We offer single, daily and weekly Retreats for singles and couples.
Ongoing Program

From 500 USD/night


Washington, United States

21 Aug 2014 To 21 Aug 2024

Details can be found on the LILA website. Creativity. Consciousness. Playformation. Why can it be so hard to maintain a joyful, meaningful and inspiring