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ZENING Resorts

ZENING Resorts is a unique newly reconstructed Beach-front Hotel. ZENING is the only one Resort in Cyprus that offer digital detox holidays for Body, Mind & Soul. Cozy, fully renewed beachfront Resort in beautiful Akamas area offers quiet, adults only (14 ) Yoga & Meditation retreat to get rid of stress, recover energy, strengthen your body and calm down the mind.

ZENING Resorts is located in quiet and unspoilt Latchi village on the coast of stunning colors Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains. Latchi is the most beautiful area in North West of Cyprus and the best place for ultimate relaxation getaway. 

Healthy vegetarian, seafood and chicken dishes is served at Resorts restaurant where ingredients for salads is growth in ZENING organic garden. 2 juices bars near outdoor pools, herbal garden to pick herbs for the cup of tea after lunch in our library and VEDA SPA with indoor pool, sauna and steam room with anti-ageing, deep relaxation, hot stone treatment, and body readjustment therapies. ZENING Beauty Spa has manicure, pedicure, hair and skin treatments. Tennis court, bikes and outdoor fitness area for those who prefer active afternoons. Daily Sun Salutation, Yoga, Meditation and Meditative Dance classes with professional yoga teachers in peaceful outdoor and indoor venues. Kick-box or private training to workout stress and strength the body.
In ZENING Resorts we offer unlimited free drinking water and various herbal teas. In rooms you will find inspirational books instead of TVs and tubes for a relaxing evening indoors. No mobile use in public areas ensures quiet village atmosphere.

We are offering different wellness programs (yoga retreat, detox & weight loss, holidays for couples and package for those, who are interested to explore the area) according people interests and needs. 

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Spiritual Teacher Salica Geiger

About me, Salica:

My passion is to support people to find themselves. I can see the beauty and divine in everybody. I want you to see yourself also like this. I want you to be happy!
I see your special potential and when you are ready for it, I will open the doors for your hidden soul sources. You will start to walk straight to it and so you will regain your power.
I am sure, that everyone came with a great gift and a task into this life. I can help you to realize, what is yours. Encountering me means encountering you.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Soul Coach & Spiritual Teacher & Visionary

My Vision:
The day will come, when everybody took his own place in life. Then, divine peace will reign on Earth. Mankind will live in harmony with nature and animals.

“Your place” means, that you found yourself, your life task and you practice it in daily life. If you found your own place you will have no need to be jealous of what your neighbour has got, because you are very satisfied and happy with your place. There is no need for wars anymore, because we see the divine in every being.

I believe, that YOU can make the difference in the world.
Imagine: you expand your love and light EVERY day, you work on your INNER PEACE, you SMILE to the man on the street, you HELP somebody in need, you STOP violence in every part of your life – in words, your way of thinking, how you treat yourself, thinking about and starting to become vegan, you recognize in every being the DIVINE LIGHT… – YOU ARE the difference and shifting your own consciousness helps all the planet to shift consciousness. So start NOW to BE the difference! I can see the sparkling in your eyes.

Biography and Trainings:
In 2007 Salica moved from Germany to Crete, following the call of her soul to live and to serve at her power place on Earth. In Iraklio/Crete she founded the “Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio” – a place for all people who are looking for peace, transformation and support to find themselves.
Salica`s abilities are the result of her natural gift and many years of training and working experiences in different cultures (Germany, France, Bulgaria, USA and Greece) with people from all over the world.
Her work is based on universal LOVE, the transformation power of FIRE and the purity and divine energy of SALT.

2013 „The Healing School of Salica“ Foundation
2013 Spiritual Master
2011 Spiritual Surgery
2009 Salica Shakti Center – Lightcenter Iraklio/Crete Foundation

2008 Trainer for Landscape and Town Healing
2006 Trainer for Lightsalt Healer
2004 “Salica Lichtsalze” (Salica Lightsalts) Foundation of energized saltproducts
2004 Spiritual Teacher
2004 Trainer of the seminar: “The Path into Light”
2004 Past Life Work, Aura- and Chakratherapy
2003 The 9 Master Schools of Feng Shui
2003 Gauri Gatha: Systemic Therapy
2002 Alpha Chi Consultant – Energy Feng Shui
2000 Classic Feng Shui

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