Summer Solstice Yoga and Outdoor Adventure Retreat (20% off)

When: 19 Jun 2015 - 22 Jun 2015 (Fri - Mon, 3 nights)
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Heat To Heal

Are you looking for that perfect professional classic Destination Yoga Teacher Training experience in a beautiful, serene setting? Or a peaceful, calming Therapy Centre to help you with your health issues and improve your health? How about a joyful, friendly, personable, and safe yoga class in an amazing open studio? Heat to Heal Training Facility and Sanctuary is your home away from home for all your training needs and local yoga classes. Heat to Heal Home page directs you to Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats, Therapy, Reiki and more. Stay awhile - there is a lot to consider. We are looking forward to having you join us at one of our trainings, retreats, classes, or therapy sessions! Heat to Heal™ offers you the answer you have searched for. All Heat to Heal trainings and classes are appropriate for the mature participant regardless of age, body type, or physical ability. We welcome those who honour a faith based life and are looking for the type of training or retreat that will help them discover the divine nature that resides within each of them. Our programmes are a perfect fit for those mature students looking for a career change or have found they want to share the wisdom of their life experiences with others. In addition, as healing is our number one mandate at Heat to Heal, our yoga teacher training programmes, yoga retreats, and Reiki trainings are beneficial and helpful to those with chronic illness learning to live their lives with a new normal.
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Mystic Raven Adventures

Mystic Raven Adventures is an eco tourism company designed completely around the idea that a connection to the environment can improve anyone's life. Stories, knowledge and history about the places you visit, especially the natural environment, can help to foster your connection to the world, your ability to stay grounded in your daily life, and your understanding of other peoples and places. Mystic Raven Adventures' owner and founder, Taryn, has found through her own travels that connecting to a region's natural environment has immensely deepened her understanding of the places she has traveled. She hopes to foster the same connection and appreciation in those who visit her home as well.

At Mystic Raven Adventures, we believe that spending time in a forest is a lot more interesting and entertaining than TV or video games could ever be. We would love to share with you our deep passion and connection to mother nature. For thousands of years people have found joy, spiritual connection, food and shelter in the rainforests of Vancouver island. Let Mystic Raven Adventures tell you these stories and help you find your joy in the forest as well!

Because sometimes just hiking a beautiful trail isn't enough to pull us out of our own minds and back to the love and light that the universe has to offer, we have included yoga and meditation as options on our tours. You can include a guided meditation as part of an of our nature hikes and you can include varying styles and difficulties of yoga with many of our hikes as well. Our two yoga instructors, Taryn and Sybil, teach yoga at Heat To Heal in Qualicum Beach on a regular basis and greatly embody the passion for nature and spirit that Mystic Raven Adventures strives for.
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